Thursday, November 26, 2015


The man decided to call 'A Spade a Spade!' and that really created a big problem in his life.. But he was equally firm in his assertion all along..

"What's the mistake I'm doing here?" 

Was his question there for sometime..

"Yes! The fundamental mistake here is that you are something different within but you are not aware of that.. When you call a Spade a Spade, a part of the unhappy world around you reacts in a way you never expect and tries to show its strength on you.. There forever, you are finding your inner strength truly not that much strong to face the attack and as such you are experiencing a great fear with a feeling of suppression.. That's the confusion part of doing all this too straight forward.." 

Was the answer after a while..

"Then what is real way out?  Should I just yield here and be submissive?"

"The solution is never that easy nor the holding should be done beyond the limits.. Here alone the wisdom in me has to work and I should manage the situation at a level the Truth is followed as much as possible equally taking care of the self too at the base survival level without which nothing is possible in this world!"

"Is that all what I can do in this life at this point of time?"

"One way seen, that's it and the other way seen you should equally rise.. How wisely you save yourself here simultaneously equally fighting for your expression alone brings in further clarity to you and that truly protects overall!"


"Look dear!  The Great Saint himself used to keep total silence whenever some one visited him to narrate his/her problem for a solution, in the end just smile and nod his head.. More than that he never used to do by talking, advising or trying to educate the person solve the problem.. The visitor himself/herself used to understand something there (based on own limitation as well as own strength), become clear in respect of the action required at that moment and move on taking the Great Man's blessings! When a Great Personality who was truly empowered by Nature to do anything in the world had limited Himself to that much of action alone, what great changes do I, a normal personality expect bring in the world around thru' my actions? 

Having understood this, let me expect no changes in the people around in respect of transformation when I do my actions here... They sure would remain as they are and that is the world around us.. In such a scenario alone I have to live doing the eternal good to the people to whom I'm responsible and people around in general and thus move on.. 

Again having understood all this, please tell me one thing.. What other great achievement are you expecting here for yourself by calling a Spade a Spade at this point of time?" 


  1. As always, you have made your points clear in a very soft, gentle manner... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna.. Happy over such a nice appreciative Comment!

  2. I agree with the great saint, many a times just by listening we provide clarity to the speaker!

    1. Yes, Mridula.. It is said..Silence is golden and Speech is silverine.. Keeping Silence for a while itself clarifies and settles many issues which otherwise have no solution in our life.. Thanks for the good Comment!