Sunday, November 29, 2015


It was the great Sunday for the family as all the children from abroad visited their Home town for the first time.. After a good breakfast, the eldest son proposed,

“Let’s do something new today.. We'll move out with mom and dad.. Let me buy the latest Smart Phone released in the Market for our father.. His phone is centuries old.. Any how, a good Buy Scheme is now 'ON'..” 

The Mom intervened and said,

"My Little Ones have come home after a long time.. I want to take them to their favorite Ice Cream shop and Toy Sores and buy what they want.. In the evening, I want to take them to the near by Play Ground.. There's no need for me to come with you.. Please take your dad, buy him what he wants and make him happy!"

And the family instantly okay-ed the proposal and moved on.. They soon visited the Phone Shop and the son selected the costliest phone for his dad..

"You are a busy man and you need the better phone.. take this yourself and give your existing phone.. That's enough for my work!"

Said the dad..

"What's the next Program?”

Asked the son looking at the other members of the family..

“We'll have lunch at our Favorite Restaurant………”

Suggested the elder daughter..

“That’s a nice idea.. Let’s go there!”

Soon the family settled in the Restaurant comfortably in their seats and the dad said,

"Dear! It's you young people that should eat well.. I'll just share a little of yours.. First order for yourself!"

“I will buy his favorite Tea at……..”

Suggested youngest daughter.. Soon, the family visited the famous Tea Shop of the city and settled at the Table.. The favorite Tea was ordered.. It was some fun for a while..

“Our next plan is do some shopping at the Mall.. I'll pick a few shirts for dad!”

Said the younger son.. No doubt for the next one hr, the man was patiently sitting in the Guest Area of the Mall taking care of a few belongings as the family actively shopped around..

“Why not go for that Movie released yesterday.. It’s running in one of the theaters in this Mall itself.. I read the latest Review………”

Proposed the elder son..

“Yes! That’s really a great idea.. Anyhow, with children we can never go together.. Let's see if the tickets are available.. Hope we are not late..”

The elder daughter concurred with that.. Again, no doubt to say.. For the next two hrs, the elderly gentleman was struggling to sit the Theatre amidst blaring sounds and the chill environment.. Finally, the family returned home happily at dusk..

“We really had a Great Day for our Father.. How did you like it?”

Asked the second son.. The gentleman smiled and said,

“Yes, my dear! Truly speaking for the fun part of it..
  • I got the phone which may not be smart but saved you from the Schemes that trap you through installments, 
  • I had lunch at the famous Restaurant of course, it does not matter how famous it may be as I always have to pick up my diet items only from the menu, 
  • I joined with you for Tea in your Famous Tea Shop and I got a cup of hot tea at such a price with which money I could have purchased my favorite tea in an ordinary Tea Shop for a fortnight, 
  • I relaxed myself at the Mall sitting and taking rest even though you asked me to see the entire Mall and 
  • Finally I had a great difficulty of sitting through the full length of your favorite Movie not able to understand the speed of life on the Screen! 
But my Sunday, was truly a ‘Great Day’ as I could see all along the full expression of unlimited happiness on all of your faces coupled with so much enthusiasm and interest.. And back home, my grandchildren were eagerly awaiting to play with me! I'm sure with any other type of involvement, my day couldn't have been truly better at this point of time in my life!"

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  1. Such a beautiful post with a lot of truth! Simply loved it...