Monday, January 4, 2016


A few months back last year, I was on my usual round of walk to the nearby Market Area to buy a few groceries and return.. I regularly prefer this walk of 1 km to the Market Area as the same is quite relaxing and invigorating in the mid morning hrs especially in the warm sunlight of winters..

As I finished my work and was returning home, a woman of late 30s sitting on the side of the road asked me something in her mother tongue showing a distant Cloth Poster tied to two poles advertising for admissions to a new Kindergarten School being opened in the neighborhood.. For a while, I couldn't understand what the lady was asking and I was dumbstruck..

  • The woman repeatedly asked her question showing at the Advertisement and I ultimately had no way of getting away from there and for a while, was trying to understand what her question related to the Advertisement was..
  • Finally, I just answered her speaking the content of Advertisement with a mixture of English and one or two words of her own language known to me and thus conveyed the gist of the Advertisement.. When I used those words, the woman nodded her head, thanked me in her own words with a smile and bid me a ‘Bye’..
As I started walking further, the thoughts continued in me on the woman’s interest connected to the Poster as the School was never for the people like her or me for our own children and thus could never conclude on her requirement..
  • Just then, a bus fully colored Yellow over took me with the people in the bus all dressed up in Yellow singing in chorus a Devotional Song.. It was pleasant to listen to their Song and when I took a small look that side, it suddenly struck me..
  • Yes! The bus was painted Yellow, the people in the bus dressed up in Yellow drapes and the Lady waiting for the bus and who enquired me about the Poster too was in her Yellow Costume.. That means, she is one of the Devotees of the Devotional Group.. But what was her interest in the Poster?
Another flash came up in no time and that really clarified my doubt.. Yes.. The cloth of the Poster too was Yellow in color!
  • Means, she wanted to know whether the same colored Poster by chance was carrying any of her own Group's related activities and if that was the case, she was worried whether she was missing participating in any one of them.. And squarely there was a language barrier for her as she could not make out anything written there in English..
But being educated too, I was not great at that moment as the color insensitivity had taken over me at that point of time!
  • I felt instantly so good to know that the Lady Devotee who was next to me sometime back had such a deep Faith, totally believed in the Almighty in her own way, never wanted to do anything less there and sincerely was filling up all gaps in the Devotional Program which was 'On' for that entire month and would go thus during the Winter periods of every year!
The Post is written in line with the Indivine Contest requirement

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