Friday, February 12, 2016


That day morning when I entered my neighborhood Food Stores, as usual the familiar face greeted me with her simple smile..

I know the girl working there for many days and she equally knows me too.. Almost daily I go there for purchase of few of my grocery requirements and she invariably greets me without fail.. 

Subsequently, as I pick up my stuff she welcomes me to her Counter for billing, quickly bills the items by scanning, packs them in the carry bag, takes my card, goes to the Main Counter for swiping, comes back to me for input of the PIN, much faster takes out my copy of payment done and the Bill and handovers the bag with a never failing smile on her ever cheerful face saying,

'Thank you Sir..Bye!'

Never I saw her missing her routine and evidently I almost daily go to her counter alone for my billing!

When I had gone at different times on few days for my additional needs, those times I found her either arranging the groceries neatly and orderly in the racks or sitting and eating a few snacks as lunch that she could bring from home out of her small salary but never on a single occasion she failed to greet me with her beautiful smile..

Such a smart, young, thin and teenage girl ever ready to welcome the customer, on that day too greeted me when I was on the usual errand of my morning purchases and quickly became busy with my billing work..

As she finished doing that, loading the items in my bag and about smile and say bye to me, a young one ran towards her calling her aloud saying, "Mummy!"

I got stunned for a while, could not believe myself for a while as I never thought the girl in front of me could be a young mother of 4 yrs kid whom she brought to her spot on that day and which fact she subsequently confirmed to me thru' another smile..

I instantly complimented the newly discovered mother in front of me who all these days appeared to me just an young girl in her teens for her graceful appearance and told her to answer for a while what her little daughter wanted to tell as I could pack my items into my bag.. Subsequently, I collected my receipt, bid bye to both the young Mom and her cute child and as I was walking out of the Stores suddenly, a strange feeling took over me for a while..

Yes! The Almighty never lets down any one who sincerely surrenders to His Ever Existing Order in Nature..

Here, the young Mom whom I met a few minutes back is able to maintain her good health and smart personality with her limited resources all along as she totally got into a discipline of 
  • doing hard physical work,
  • Eating the simple and limited and
  • feeling happy and contented.. 
In her day to day life, leaving the rest totally to His Own Plans kept in store for her in her up-coming life!


  1. A very beautiful post. Thanks for sharing, Sir :)

    1. Thanks Purba for the appreciation.. Sorry I noticed the comment on the Post today only!

  2. Entirely different perspective thinking sir.Yes !! nature is mysterious.

    1. Thanks Sathya for the appreciation.. Sorry I saw this comment very late!