Sunday, February 14, 2016


Rationality may be the true scientific temper with us and it should ever prevail in us thru' questioning around with the God's Gifted Tools Viz, Why, When, Where, What, Who, Which and How but for me that appears not the end, as something more too is in store for a Human Being to experience and thus live thru' his/her life..

A great joke heard in the beginning of Computer Era with the credit of the joke going 100% to the owner of the joke that when the computer was asked a question giving out a decision on which clock is more useful to man.. 

  • The one that loses few secs in a day but corrected and keyed in daily or a clock which had totally stopped? 
Pat came the answer from the cyber machine, 
  • 'The one that had stopped!'
With the reason given by the computer that 
  • The clock that loses few secs daily, never shows right time at any point of time in a day but that one which stopped shows at least twice the exact time!
Thus seen, myself leading a life purely with a 100% rational behavior seems limiting my growth in my life where in I may indirectly have a satisfaction that I could get answers for every thing but that never streamlines and satisfies an ever existing craving with me for Peace and Happiness to whatever depth I may be bent upon to probe the matters around..

Here alone, I need to be in touch with the emotional part of mine too in addition.. And this emotional part of me is to be tuned in the right direction ultimately for my own good and for the good of the world too in general..

This emotion when expressed in the direction my own satisfaction within becomes nothing but the true music in my life.. This emotion can never be a bunch of pure prose words where the Grammar Rules are more checked for their correctness but goes beyond and often comes out as an unknown impulse from within expressing joyously in the known language overruling those very Grammar Rules here and there simultaneously getting into the concept of tones and tunes with an extended feeling from within..

This emotion can be anything varying from..

  • A Parent's love towards his/her Child..
  • A Brother's/sister’s love towards his/her Sibling..
  • A Spouse’s love towards the Partner..
  • A Lover's love towards the Lover..
  • A Friend’s love towards his/her Friend etc..
Rising further to the fields like..
  • An Artist's love towards Nature..
  • A Soldier's love towards Motherland..
  • A Great Man's love towards Fellow Beings etc..
Finally culminating towards..
  • An Ardent Devotee's Love towards God!
And such a love is ever Unique and Original in life, can forever be expressed thru' Poetical and Musical Extensions alone totally forgetting the rational approach attitude there thus getting into a field ultimately wherein I identify my own Existence with the Nature around and express myself in full!

Wish you all Blogger Friends and FB Friends a Happy Valentine's Day!

The Post is written in line with Indispire Prompt #MusicBringsLife


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  2. Great post and belated happy valentine's day to you too Sir... :)

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