Tuesday, April 12, 2016


It was Sunday evening hrs. The family coolly settled in the famous Restaurant to have a bite and spend time chit-chatting forgetting the usual day to day issues and the other turmoils for a while. The mobile phone rang up..

“Hi, Suresh! How are you dear? Nice to hear from you!”

“Hi, Vignesh! Thank you yaar! How are you doing? What's the News?”

“I'm just out with my family. Week end, you know? Any how, from tomorrow it’s the usual routine..”

“Oh.. Sorry, dear! I've called you in the wrong hr!”

“No… No… Not at all! Ok, Tell me.. Anything special?”

“Yaar! Don't want to take your time. Your family is with you. One small work.. xxxxxx.. Just help me here.. Ok, bye then!”

“Don’t worry dear! I’ll do that tomorrow itself. Relax till then. OK, see you!”

“Oh, so nice of you! Pl don't forget the other one too I mentioned last week!”

“No Problem dear! I ‘ll look into both. Bye.. Take care!”

“I know, you won't forget. From our childhood.. Seen this attitude in you..”

“Sure,don’t worry, Ok?”

“Yes! Of course.. Why should I worry? I still remember.. You know.. Last year, I had a problem, it was a bit serious in Nature and you came to my rescue..”

“You are right.. I still remember it..”

“And further you know? It was raining very heavily on that day.. In spite of all the odds, you finally brought everything to a close. Am really grateful to you. Ok, bye, dear! I shouldn't take your time!”

“Yaar! You are my friend and how can I forget all that? Ok, see you then..”

"Yes! That's the meaning of true friendship.. Ok, I'll call you tomorrow morning and remind you on this. That way, am not leaving the total burden on you!”

“Oh! Don’t worry.. I ‘ll do that.. No prob.. OK it’s urgent now.. I move on.. See you.. Good night!”

“Sorry, I kept you and your family waiting for long.. But you see, once in a way it happens…. Ok, good night!”

“Good night! Take care.. I'll wait for your reminder tomorrow morning..”

"No problem.. I’ll not forget.. I still remember what happened once.. You know our friends........”


“That duo always doing odd jobs…..”

“I am not getting it…..”

“Dear! I think you forgot.. I’ll tell you.. OK..Listen.. That day, around 10 yrs back…….”

“10 yrs back? Difficult to remember..”

“Yaar! You forgot? At least you remember.........”

“Which one? I am confused..Ok! I’ll think of it.. Let me move on now..”

“I still remember everything.. You know, on that particular Wednesday, when all of a sudden our College declared a holiday and………………”



  1. Hahaha! Am not sure if this one is a 'good' friend! 😊

    1. It's just a funny episode of what happens a few times around us, Archana! A friend in need is most welcome but one with a need is pain sometimes.. Thanks for the good observation!

  2. I think true friends don't forget things so easily. A very interesting post, Sir :)

    1. Rightly said Purba.. But the context in which the story is narrated is slightly off here and it happens a few times in our lives!