Monday, April 25, 2016


Two men once decided to go on a 24 hr fast on an Auspicious day and thus be blessed. On the day, they silently started their fast at 6 AM in one of their places along with certain other activities.

In half hr time one suggested, "24 hr is too long period. Let's end our fast by dinner time.. We've many works to do tomorrow!" and the other agreed.

After another half hr, a thought came up to the first man, “Why not we buy what all we need for dinner now itself?”

The other immediately said, “Yes.. In few hrs, our energies will sure be down. Let’s go to the Market and buy all those groceries required. Any how we've plenty of time with us!”

Soon they went out, shopped for the groceries and returned in an hr's time.

“Let's clean, cut and keep the vegetables and the other materials ready for cooking now itself as we have time now!” said one with certain enthusiasm on his face.

Soon all that work was done in an hr's time.

“These cut fresh vegetables soon lose their freshness. Anyhow, why not we cook our food now itself and store in the Refrigerator?” were the next thoughts..

Soon that too was done with precision in another one hr.

It was 10 AM. Both were dull by that time for missing the usual breakfast.

“Why not we slowly arrange our dining plates, tumblers, ladles and spoons along with Curd, some pickles, spices and water on the dining table. Any how we have to do it later and we have plenty of time now” said one meekly. The other nodded his head instantly and they arranged neatly the required in the next 1 hr.

Suddenly the Power Supply failed. “This is bad. Hope this Power comes back soon.” commented one man.

1 hr passed. The hunger was at its peak, the food prepared was tempting beyond and the Power was still down.

“Oh, God! now the food cooked will get spoiled in few hrs if not refrigrated. This Power may not be back for another few hrs. Now a days it's happening like this only. If we eat such food later, we sure will fall sick. Neither, it's right to throw the cooked food too which is equal to God. Better we don’t wait here. Since, there's no way now, let's finish eating at least all this fresh food. And our Gods too will not be displeased with us as there' s no way for us now!” said one and the other instantly agreed for the decision.

Just then the Power came back. But having decided thus, they both first ate away all the stuff in front of them pretending as if the Power-on condition was not noticed and thus ended successfully the originally planned 24 hr fast in just 6 hrs!


  1. Hehehe, awesome fast, loved reading it Sir :D

    1. Thanks Roma.. Happy to know that it is interesting!

  2. Once you prepare food, it'll get hard to control yourself. Nice post, Sir... It's there greatest achievement that they controlled up to 6 hours.

    1. Very rightly said the point Arpita.. Thanks for the appreciation.. Love the comment!

  3. I think the greatest Achievement was in Understanding that "Empty stomach one can't worship." (bhuke pet bhajan na hoye) :D

    1. You said it very much right.. That's the whole point of narrating the Post.. Thanks for the right observation!