Saturday, May 7, 2016


The young man of 20s totally new to the place located miles away from his place was traveling back by train that night after finishing the purpose of his visit to there. 

Never he expected the night to be very cold. The train was packed with passengers, most of them being local villagers comprising of small farmers / laborers. When the train started, the compartment was quite warm with all windows down. As the journey continued, the chillness of the night slowly increased. Past mid night it became really chill and the young man's usual sweaters from his place were of no use to withstand those low temps. He was totally new to that extreme cold experience and thought he was gone!

The old farmer sitting next to him quickly noticed the young man's suffering and helplessness beyond. He immediately opened out his huge thick blanket over to the young man signaling him to come inside. And without a second thought, the youngster quickly got in and fully made use of that. Thank God.. He was fully protected for the rest of the night!

Morning as he was getting down the train, the young man thanked the elderly man and the man reciprocated that with a broad smile!

After a few days, the young man happened to travel to another place in connection with an important work.. After completion of the job, he was returning in the night train with many people around him.. 

In no time, he had gone into sleep as he was fully tired with the hectic work of past few days. Suddenly as he got up from his sleep, it was early morning hrs with light seen outside. And as he slowly became aware of his surroundings, he found himself sleeping with his head resting on the lap of an elderly man who seemed never moved in the night else the youngster would have got up with that movement.

While getting down, as the young man looked at him thankfully, the gentleman smiled at him in return and waved bye to him!

Thru' this Post I decided to write for this week's IndiSpire Prompt Viz., 

Choose a country you don't know much about. Now read up/ research about it. And tell us something interesting about it. Can be anything - history, politics, music or whatever tickles your fancy. #DiscoverACountry.

about my country alone, as the 2 incidents mentioned here are nothing but the actual experiences of mine in 70s when I was returning to South after my Interview for PG admission at IIT Kanpur and when I traveled back home from Trichy after my job interview..

The reason is.. 

  • I sincerely believe that even to this day I really don't know much about this vast country and the unique culture of it's people and this would surely be experienced as is when I start having active and heartfelt interactions with my countrymen traveling far and wide..
  • In this context, I should ever remember that when I proceed with a written off feeling that there's not much to talk about my own country, it's ever the one sided opinion in me that people forever are the same everywhere and there's nothing more I can learn here..
  • But when I'm off from such a pre-conceived idea, it sure opens up a new channel of understanding my people from a different angle which hitherto was not known to me even though I lived the best part of my life here making use of the services of these men and women next to me.. Thus seen, it instantly strikes me..

What a cheerfulness these personalities had really exhibited as they involved in such chivalrous actions mentioned above, be it from the Northern Ganges Plains down Deccan Plateau to South all along carrying a Unique Attitude with them Viz., 'The Title of the Post!'


  1. I wonder how do you get these awesome ideas and such a good presentation in a story form everyday ??
    Thanku so much for sharing sir !!

    1. That's truly a great appreciation here, Shraddha.. Some thoughts just like that strike the mind.. Thanks a lot for a nice comment on the Post!

  2. Replies
    1. That's nice of you Rupam.. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Wonderful thoughts Sir. We can never get to know a country, (even if it is our own) and its people completely. We inhabit only a small part of it always. Your experiences tell us that wherever you go, you will find a loving heart. Great post!

    1. Exactly I carry the same thoughts Sunaina.. We actually truly know about our country and its people only when we travel and interact with people in the corners of the country.. Thanks for leaving such a noteworthy appreciative comment on the Post!

  4. A wonderful story, Sir. It is always a delight to read your posts. The way you try to connect your experiences to any topic is really outstanding.

    I really enjoyed reading this post. Thank you, Sir.

    1. Oh.. So nice of you to say so, Sweta.. My sole purpose of blogging as I see is to tell or speak out what strikes me as the right to say so.. And I'm happy to say that I've around me a huge Readers' community of my Co-bloggers who are going thru' my Post with keen interest.. A nice interesting comment on these Pages.. Thanks for the same.. Best Wishes!