Wednesday, May 4, 2016


When the Great Statesman got the workers freed from the clutches their masters and declared to them,

"Now, you are free to go wherever you want to and do whatever you like.."

some of them pleaded saying,

"Where do we go now? We know only one thing in our life i.e., working for our masters.. We can do that alone even now!"

That's the effect of prolonged oppression thru' restrictions imposed on one's freedom of expression and a Democratic Ruling alone can minimize that as the Ruled can at certain level question the wrongs committed in the Ruling by mobilizing a strong public opinion against the Ruler!

But no System is perfect.. Here too, the story repeats as 7 indirect deadly forces of the System work continuously against this very freedom of expression which go thus..

The best Democracy would be the one where the highest decisions are taken only after the issues are thoroughly discussed and debated through Committees and finalized for implementation only to find that the benefiting group ceased to exist long back!

If the weak in Democratic Ruling are suppressed beyond, a leader will be born in no time to fight for them.. That's the true strength of democracy but equally the original story of birth of democracy too!

In Democracy, the cry of common man may be heard the earliest but many times would be listened to only the last!

In Democracy, there's no dearth for feeling max that 'I'm equal!' But there's sure less of it while talking, far less of it while doing and almost nothing of it while receiving!

Some Democratic Leaders are not true to their Designation in their personal lives and habits die hard everywhere!

People forever prefer Democratic Ruling because their freedom of expression is 100% guaranteed and they can be at ease.. But a few Rulers of the System invariably equally work back to sell off that freedom taking advantage of the same ease and the associated complacence with the masses!

No wonder, the Ruling in the world started with Despotism/barbarism with zero freedom, moved up the ladder to Rule by His/Her Majesty, Rule by the Intelligent and finally Rule by the People bringing it to a 100% level but some times this movement may complete the circle if the Ruled are not careful!


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