Sunday, May 22, 2016


It was the greatest Magic Show organised where in the famous magician initially started show playing few tricks making the audience laugh aloud for a while..

Soon, the audience were thrilled beyond when the famous old tricks hitherto read and heard earlier were performed in front of them 1:1..

And in further no time the tempo picked up beyond when the magician group started their show in full swing with certain new tricks never heard till then..

Next to that were some more tricks involving the audience where in not the stage the active area but the the audience place as they congregated around in numbers to participate with a heartfelt feeling..

Finally, the last piece of the show became truly classic with the audience getting mesmerized beyond when the magician on stage holding the right hand up and palm facing forward signaled his assistants and the audience do the same and move palms
slowly/rhythmically forward/back/right/left 
along with him all saying together....
(Leave this to Readers to guess)!


  1. Very rightly guessed, Priyanka.. additionally saying a 'goodbye!'.. Thanks for the timely comment on the Page!