Thursday, June 23, 2016


The young man of 25 was a little adamant to change his habits and style of living and there he was not listening to his dad's advice. The dad was thus unhappy and at length sought the help of a close well-wisher to the family to advise his son on the right way of living. The well-wisher met the son on an evening and further to that their talk went thus with the well-wisher enquiring ,

  • “Dear! You are now 25 and you feel that life should be approximately led the way you like to lead, am I correct?”
  • “Yes, Sir! That’s exactly what I like do in few issues and with the rest, I don't have a problem. But my dad never wants me to be like that in those issues only. After all, I too know......”

  • “OK! Tell me one thing. Roughly about 5 yrs back when you were 20 yrs, were you like this only?”
  • “No! I was different. It isn't right any more to be like that!”
  • “Another 5 yrs back?”
  • "What are you saying, Sir?  It's too funny to be like that now.. Who'll do such things?"
  • "OK.. Another 5 yrs back when you were 10 yrs old?"
  • “Oh, No! Don’t talk all that.. That's just childish behavior!”
  • "But tell me, were you not happy with your own those behaviors in those times and never wanted more?”
  • “OK, may be but.....”
  • “If you again look back and recollect, you fully listened to your father in those growing yrs, did what he asked you to do and at the back of all that alone, you are expressing the way you want today. Am I right?”
  • “Yes! I agree.. Because of that I completed my studies, learned certain specific skills, mannerisms and all that useful to express myself today in my life!"
  • “See, dear! Your father has a unique love for you and that love sure does only good to you. And out of that love alone, today too he is trying to tell you what you should do in parallel with your own expressions so that after another 5, 10 and 15 yrs, what you really wish to be in your life can be that reasonably, don’t you agree?”
  • “You are right!”
  • “Then, further I needn't tell you anything. Please pay attention to what your father says now and follow that. It truly does good to you. And remember, he'll never stop you from doing what you want if that really doesn't come in the way of your future growth and welfare.. Sure, there's no doubt here!”
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  1. Its awesome to read such a post. Very logical way of writing.

    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy you liked the narration and the message.. Nice to hear from you the same.. And thanks for share on G+!

  2. Ultimately, it's the parental concern that counts! Refreshing read Sir!

    1. Thanks Priyanka.. Yes.. Definitely it's the parents' love that does all the good to the children.. Love the comment!

  3. Very beneficial advice indeed... a very well-laid post!

    1. Thanks Maitreni.. A nice comment on the Post!