Tuesday, August 23, 2016


On the day of his Appointment, 
the then young man of 0 yrs work experience
straight away enquired his Boss whether he could refer him his problems
totally not knowing the fact that at work, it's the other way with Boss!

On the day he decided to leave office early to catch the train, when the Boss said that the train was just scheduled at that time only to help early going people from work,
the then young man of barely 1 yrs work experience 
felt happy to hear such a supportive comment not knowing the fact that the Boss was venting out his own frustration through such a sarcastic statement! 

On the day when the big Boss had flatly written ‘Not Approved’ on his Personal Sanction Note he,
the then man of 5 yrs of work experience 
fuming in anger whispered to his close Associate, ‘I'll not leave the matter here.. I'll approach the top!’ totally not knowing that the big man wrote thus only with an order from the top!

On the day when another equal Boss who assumed indirect power on him with all sweetness made him work for him for a short time and the Official Boss fumed in anger and made GM issue Charge Sheet to him for that he, 
the then middle aged man of 12 yrs of work experience 
felt totally directionless not knowing what power games the Bosses would play! 

On the day having asked for the additional Manpower to complete the new Project, when the Boss humiliated him saying, “Dear! Don't you know that in our Company whenever extra hands are required, Seniors borrow Manpower from others on mutual basis?” he, 
the then grey haired man of 18 ys work experience, 
felt truly helpless and thought of resigning for a moment but soon realized that the problem eternally more or less is the same in any work environment! 

On the day having requested the Boss for a week’s leave to celebrate a Life Time Event and when the Boss said, "What are asking me, dear? I thought that you are smart enough to manage both without asking for leave!” he, 
the well known man with 2 year’s Service left out
was able to understand the ever played management tricks and felt sorry for asking the same! 

Finally at the back of all such valuable up and down learning alone when the Boss said, “Go ahead…. It is your day today!”on the day of his retirement from the Company he, 
the then matured man of 38 yrs work experience 
with a big smile delivered his well learnt diplomatic speech perfect non stop at the back of a thunderous clapping!


  1. Lessons of life...nicely narrated, Sir... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna.. A good comment on the Post!

  2. Very nice and very true. We all grin and bear it. Those who dare to respond, are put to their place.

    1. Rightly said Abhijit.. That's how the work environment around us prevails.. Thanks for the valuable supportive comment!

  3. Very nice... Typical depiction of the work situation!