Saturday, September 24, 2016


Yes.. I felt proud and further firmed up.. 
5 Celebrities from different walks of life will be invited to dine with me on my newly bought dining table with 6 chairs.. As such an action subsequently widely talked of would sure be 
A feather in my cap! 

The next day morning, as I moved out of my house to personally post the invitations to the Celebrities, 
I was surprised to see many eager faces at my door looking at me with an unknown expression on their faces.. And as I made my way to move, I heard those faces softly whispering into my ears.. 

"We are the Primary Contributors 
to all those raw/ready made/cooked foods you procured/are going to procure 
sure to be spread out on your table on the day of the proposed Event and consumed with so much elegance and joy.. In the process what is the return you are giving us?" 

"But I paid for all thru' my pocket and it's not less.. What can I do further? 
Unfortunately, you are at the end of this giant distribution system!" 
was my usual reply.. 

"Feel for the group working at the 
Basic end of this Essential Supply Chain as Heroes, 
remain humble and try utilizing the output only for the basic requirement of yours just extending your happiness a bit here and there if required but never to the extremes of continuous enjoyment and elation and thus be disciplined in your life!" 

"How will that really help you out in getting the standard returns for your basic contribution?" 

"Yes.. It helps us ultimately.. 
When you thus value our production, carry a feeling of sanctity in consuming and you along with others try diverting your attention from the unwanted excess, soon sure all of you would see the cause and effect directly of all this happening each one of you thus becoming a 
Dynamo of a Silent Revolution 
thru' which alone we, 
The Prime Contributors 
are ultimately benefited!" 

The strange dream suddenly ended taking me off my sleep and as I slowly got up and started looking back into my dream.. 

Instantly I bowed down to all those 
Basic Contributors of my Food Supply Chain 
with an ultimate promise in my heart that.. 

"I forever worship these 
Sacred Contributions of my Essential Supply 
and see that all these supplies are consumed with a 
Thanks Giving Feeling 
spreading similar message around me to the max extent as such a thoughtful living alone would ultimately be 
The Right feather in my cap!" 

..And the party with my Celebrities was temporarily dropped! 

The Post is written in line with the Indispire Prompt

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  1. I can't reply to the question posed by you. I may like to invite at least you. Great thinker you are Sir. And highly sensitive too. This ordinary looking post is so extra-ordinary when gone through peacefully and given a thought. Hats off to you.

    1. That's so nice of you to say about me, Jitendra.. Actually I may not be that great.. Anyhow, I promise I try bringing out relevant Posts for my enthusiastic Readers.. Thanks for the wonderful comment here!

  2. Thanks Jyotirmoy for promoting my Post on G+!

  3. Thought-provoking post as always, Sir...superbly written... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna.. That's truly a great appreciation here!

  4. That was a very thoughtful post sir.. :-) Quite a read for the prompt. I will try to answer that question in my post.. :-)

    1. That's great Prakash.. I'm waiting for your Post.. Thanks a lot for the appreciation!

  5. Excellent take on the prompt, Sir !!!!

    1. That's nice to say so Vasantha.. Truly a good comment here!

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  7. Great thoughts! Unfortunately, in our country "celebrities" are defined by their glamour and attention grabbing unethical one acknowledges the humble, hardworking people without whom our daily lives would come to a full stop..they are the real people who work hard for the entire human race and it is they who need to be congratulated & felicitated for their good doing. Time to show them some love and yes, invite them for dinner :-)

    1. That's sure the great observation here.. Very much rightly said.. Thanks for such a nice explanatory comment on the Post!