Wednesday, November 23, 2016


A King appointed a number of Experts in Official Positions working in various fields and reporting on day to day progress to him.

The King gave them all facilities and powers required to do the best in their fields that would do good for people of the kingdom, help them out in their day to day problems of life and thus make their life better. The Experts continued their working thus for a while..

One day a stranger visited the King’s Court. He bowed down to the King, looked at the Experts assembled there and said,

“Your Expertise no doubt may do good to people but that would never be complete unless you include my opinion too into your finalization!”

The Experts taken aback by such critical comment, instantly asked him how a novice with zero knowledge of the Expertise evaluated over years of experimentation could straight away talk thus.

“I agree that I've no proof of what I'm asking you to include but my intuition says that ultimate good accrues only when the Original is not forgotten!"

“What exactly is the Original you are talking of?”

“Life as is in the raw state!”

“What are you saying dear? Life has specific defects where in certain discomfort, unhappiness and sorrow are the facts. And here we are working with all devotion just to smoothen that negative part of life and truly help out people who are suffering.. What's the wrong in doing so?”

"Nothing wrong, provided you freely at the back of no threat/fear allow my supporters too contribute their bit whatever Mother Nature had in-built into their perceptions when such modifications are on the anvil and that Total Effort alone should finally roll out from your side as the Ultimate Beneficial Entity. 

Unless you allow this freely, I'm afraid to say that many times you may be doing your work more to satisfy yourself with the Right never given to man and a True Service surely missing!"

The King looked at the stranger and said,

“Yes.. I very much agree with you. And I assure you from today that yours as well as your supporters' say would be part of this Entire Expertise Development. By the Way, I forgot to ask..

  • Who exactly are you, What’s your name and where do you live?”
Your Highness,
  • I come here as the Rep of the common man of your Kingdom,
  • You can call me by name The Human and 
  • I'm sure I live in the hearts of every one of your Kingdom if enquired in depth!”
replied the stranger with a smile!
Keywords: Heart, Development, The Human