Thursday, December 1, 2016


    It was the closing hrs of shift.. As I prepared to leave my place, the Boss called.. 
    "Come to my Cabin.. Want to discuss with you!"
    I was fuming.. 
    "What's this? Can't I go after 8 hrs work?" 
    And the friend by my side smiled and said, 
    "You got to give all that overtime, a few times for no additional remuneration too except for a subsequent time off!"

    I soon finished the day's task and came back home expecting long relief the next day being the weekly off when the phone rang up..
    "The Customer wanted deliveries by Monday.. Plan yourself to report to duty at 8 AM sharp tomorrow.. Rest we'll talk!"
    My spirits of enjoying the Sunday were washed off at one stroke and as I rang up to my friend, he smiled and said..
    "Working overtime could be demanded on the following weekly off and ensuing holidays too if any up to the number of days as specified in the  Factory's Act.. The next day to that alone is your real holiday!"

    No need to say it was the busiest Sunday and Monday till we delivered the required but in the end, the Boss said..
    "Our other Customer Rep is visiting tomorrow and certain deliveries pertaining to them have to be taken care of.. Plan for staying overtime today and finish......"

    I dragged on thus that Monday evening and Tuesday too and brought the whole situation under control and as decided to go on leave on Wednesday..
    "Sorry dear! The next 2 days are crucial to us... No leave please!"
    said the Boss coolly and the friend by the side smiled and said,
    "Leave is the privilege given and not a right to be enjoyed except for discharging certain social responsibilities and meeting any sickness!"

    I, not knowing how to get off from the situation, decided to pretend sickness and thus go on sick leave for few days, when the friend by my side smiled and said,  
    "One of our Colleagues did a similar thing a few times in the past and got a reply from the GM.. 
    'Why don't you apply for Medical Retirement?'"

    I instantly got off from all that damaging thinking and became strict in attending to my work and thus felt that I'm safe, when the friend by my side smiled and said,
    "The hold on your job whatever be the number of years of experience is just that 1 to 3 months as per the Contract of Employment beyond which the Boss can always say..
    'I don't want you!'
    for a reason which he/she should justify to his/her higher-ups but never to you!"

    I got shocked and asked,
    "Even if I produce and deliver quality work in time?"
    The friend was in all smiles.. 
    "Yes.. In spite of you doing the best from your end some times, the Customer may not have enough monies to place Order on you or the Competitor may quote less and grab your promised Order in time!"

    discipline, work


    1. Under pressure...
      so many reasons are there but after listening lots of such pressures in job field i think one reason is.....the boss' take the revenge as they also have gone through similar pressure....ha ha ha ha.

      1. I understand the wit part of what you said, Jyotirmoy.. But so to say.. All are equally helpless under the drive of this force that eternally pervades the Universe indirectly merging to the Precept..'Survival of the fittest!' Thanks for the nice comment here and for promoting the Post on G+!

    2. Hmmm. I can very much relate to this. Sometimes, we just start hating our work due to people who surround us rather than the work itself, even though it feels monotonous. But yes, discipline. Have a good weekend Sreedhar Sir. :)

      1. Thank you Dipanwita.. A nice comment here confirming the Message.. Best wishes!