Monday, April 3, 2017


An age old story goes thus..

Once 3 sculptors were questioned on how they felt about their work..

  • The first one said, “What else to feel? Continuously chipping out this stone!”
  • The second one replied with a smile, “Yeah! am bringing out a beautiful Angel out of this stone!”
  • The third famous sculptor burst out with an awe seen on his face, "Don't you see an angel imprisoned in this stone? I'm freeing her!” 
That's how one's passion at work speaks!

Where this passion prevails a 100%, the best in that context comes out. When it lies at a lesser level, no doubt the better will come out but the same can't be compared to the 'Ultimate' in the field. But, when the passion ceases to exist, monotony alone prevails and the job looks totally a burden!

I may not know where my passion in my life lies but if that happens to be the field of my earning too, it's a situation of a perfect fit. Many times, I may not be that lucky as my interest will be one and work requirement will be another!

Since existence is a primary requirement, my work should go on without a stop whatever may be my passion level..

Here alone, I should become attentive. My passion may not exist at 100% percent, but sure some will lie in a corner at my work as I might have got my qualifications based on that alone and thus seen surely, it would be simmering.

Let me protect that not so strong passion of mine through proper fencing, try to be more devoted all along and it may soon turn to be a passion of reasonable level as I involved for a longer time in that field with an initial seedling.

If done so,

  • The first to be benefitted in this context is the family. I can soon feel their love and warmth towards me as indirectly am caring for their betterment, 

  • Next, my friends inspired by my dedication change themselves towards better and carry their good feelings towards me, 
  • My neighborhood feels that they have a responsible person with them, 
  • The small wage earners whom I employ for my works feel that their employer is truly supportive and they too become disciplined in their works and 
  • Ultimately with this strong back ground, my monies constantly flow in my life with peace reigning in my heart! 
Then, where are the second thoughts here?

Keywords: work, concentration, passion


  1. Lovely post and yes passion is the ultimate key :)

    1. Thanks Veidehi for the appreciation.. You very much said it right!