Friday, April 7, 2017


There was a 100% chance in front of me to look at the night sky and get lost observing the shining stars spread all over and thus remain in communication with Mother Nature;

Instead, I turned 180 degrees and chose to gaze at the man made lights of the sky scrappers in front of me getting myself lost to the beauty of the lesser forever!

No doubt, it may be my choice here and I feel that none should try to alter it at the moment with an impression that if questioned, the drive in me to progress in the direction of modernization is straight away hampered..

But let me pause and question myself with an awakened wisdom that..

"Sure the drive in me is truly the gift of Nature and expressing out of my own freedom is my birth right there but 
Altering the Nature around is permitted to satisfy this drive within certain limits only and when that alteration crosses limits and catapults recklessly into sky
it can no more be called the drive but craze only 
where in I would be greedily
riding over every one around me to reach the top position to be called the King by the people 
with great stories of my success spread out 
all along forgetting that there is
infinitely above me constantly watching me playing those selfish gimmicks
not knowing the Eternal Law by my side that 
'What all done has to be undone!'" 

Thus seen, I would sure be down sooner or later with 
no escape from the force of that Law but
if I understand in the right spirit the sacred drive in me still continues 
of course, with a renewed energy rightly knowing that

My drive will just modify the minimum of what my Mother Nature Originally had given me for expressing my happiness keeping the rest as is
for the 
Greater Good of the Humanity
where in
my Original Mother has Her Own Plans of 
Upholding the Basic Principles of life!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt

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