Sunday, May 7, 2017

  • A Professional is rarely free and is ever hard to get one for the job where as
The Layman will be 100% at the doorsteps the moment a call goes with no place to go else where..
  • A Professional tries max to retain supply of essentials as the work moves on without causing any disturbance to the people around where as 
The Layman straight away cuts off the essentials the moment the great promised(?) work starts putting every one to a great inconvenience..
  • A Professional silently does the work as others become busy with their own where as 
The Layman makes every one stop their work and pay full attention to the much claimed special work going on around..
  • A Professional can directly work under the heat of sun for hrs together where as 
The Layman just fails in no time even in cool shade..
  • A Professional invariably devotes himself/herself to the work in front for hours together where as 
The Layman without hesitation debates on the contents of that for equal number of hrs..
  • A Professional takes care of 'A to Z' as he/she works through with all sincerity where as 
The Layman too takes care there but only at 'A' and 'Z' leaving all the loose knots in between..
  • A Professional rarely asks to check back where as 
The Layman often repeats the words ‘Check it! Is it OK?’ and proceeds only when you say, 'Don't worry; go ahead!'
  • A Professional closes his/her job with a firm note ‘No further issues!’ where as 
The Layman too does that but with an assertion, ‘In case there is a problem....’
  • ‘Silence and soft notes’ are forever the 'Back Drop' of a Professional where as 
‘Noise and loud talk’ are forever the 'Left Outs' of the Layman..

Finally to say..
  • A Professional no doubt is a Wonder of God’s Creation everywhere where as 
The Layman is sure a Curse from Satan in our neighborhood!

Keywords: Professional, Layman

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