Tuesday, June 20, 2017


  • “You have to finish this surveying work in a day and give me the report!”

Was the strict instruction from the Big Boss. As the earlier survey reports were missing, the Company was tasked to do the re-survey of the 1 km stretch of busy road and make a new report.

  • "It's too difficult to finish this job in a day. But we can't just get off from this task and somehow have to complete it. Be prepared for a hard day boys!" 
Was the instruction from the immediate Boss. 

No go and so accordingly, the trio started their work in the cool early morning hrs on the D day at 6 AM sharp from one end of the road.
  • “Without disturb the smooth flow of traffic, let's finish off our work by the end of the day!"
The Senior reminded to his 2 Juniors. 

Soon it was 9 AM and the sun was up. The trio had their breakfast and resumed their work.
  • “It's a bit hot.. Let me remove this Apron!” 
Said the Senior and the others followed. Many vehicle users were seen observing them keenly as they moved on and it was a bit irritating to the men at Work. 

Time passed thus and it was 11 AM then. The heat slowly picked up.
  • "I can no more bear this Blazer. Let it go!”

Again said the Senior and the two simply followed. Suddenly, a Cab driver shouted at them.
  • "Hey! Move. You are blocking me!” 
That quickly irritated one of the men at Work.
  • "Hey! This is equally an important work. Unless we do this and give our report, you'll not get…….… Do you know?”
Shouted back the Senior. The Cab driver murmured aloud and moved on. 

Time too moved on to 1 PM soon and it was a blast of heat wave around.

Profusely sweating, one of the Juniors just kept his equipment partly into the road for a while preparing himself to go for lunch. In no time, the cab driver behind started honking continuously. Quite annoyed the man shouted back,

  • “Hey! Stop honking. We are working here!”
Next 15 minutes, heated exchanges were ON and finally some good Samaritans had to intervene and cool the unending tempers.

As certain time was lost, the trio decided to skip lunch, quickly grabbed some snacks from road side swallowing hot tea and once again resumed their work.

It was 3 PM and the sun turned and was straight shining on to their faces. The glare was too much, the heat was oppressive and there was no movement of wind. Fully exhausted, the trio inadvertently left one of their bags a little on to the road and a vehicle zoomed past close to the bag. That’s all..

Tempers ran high and for a while no one knew who was right. Sure for the next half an hr, it was free for all.. Time moved on, some calmness prevailed soon and the work was resumed.

It was 0600 hrs.. The Sun was seen on the horizon. A certain calmness picked up with every one steadily doing their jobs..

It was 0630 hrs.. Slowly, the sun went down the horizon with the bright colors of twilight fading off quickly. The trio closed their work for the day, picked up their blazers/aprons and slowly started walking back homewards with the heavy equipment at the back..

In few minutes, it was totally a different scene in front with the trio chit chatting among themselves with all coolness simultaneously

One singing a sweet tune, 
Another whistling aloud, 
The third breathing deep relaxing in between and 
The traffic around moving calmly in spite being hectic
As the cool breeze of the evening hrs gently touched every one without an exception in no time 
Bringing down the unending tensions of the hectic heat of the day with 
The Nature around instantly returning to it's Original Calmness!

Keywords: heat, tensions


  1. At the end of the day forget all good and bad of the work life and just relax. Great message, Sir.

    1. Yes.. You said it right Durga Prasad.. Thanks for the appreciation!

  2. Yes, cool evening breeze is always pleasant which buries all the tiredness and sufferings of heat... Great post sir...

    1. Thanks Ashish.. Nice to hear such a good comment from you on the Post!