Friday, October 6, 2017


As the aircraft started rolling on the runway, the gentleman in the middle seat in rear closed his eyes for a while in prayerful mode and further to that sat in an upright position in his seat.. 

The plane picked up speed in no time with a roaring sound and was soon into skies at the back of a few sideward movements and certain ups and downs..

The jolts were a bit nauseating but all in no time smoothed into the level flight. The engines were at their full thrust and in the rear seating compartment the audible levels had dropped down instantly amidst the increased sound of the engines..

The flight planned time was about 2 hrs..

The gentleman discretely noticed the 2 passengers on left and right to him sitting in a bit tense mood. Soon all smiled at one another and in the process he casually asked the man in the window seat..

“Sir! You seem to be not feeling well?”

“Yeah! Even though I travelled few times, I never felt comfortable sitting in the aircraft.. A bit worried!”

Replied the widow seated man. The other co-passenger heard that and immediately said,

"I'm traveling for the first time.. The whole thing looks a bit scary!” 

The gentleman smiled and said,

“Sir! If you listen to me, many of your wrong beliefs of flying will sure vanish and you can be freed from your fears. Let me try my bit, with your permission!”

Both the co-passengers instantly nodded their heads in affirmation. Meanwhile, few drinks were served to them and they quickly finished that. The gentleman started,

“Sir! The aircraft we regularly travel are very safe. So much of care is taken in building, maintaining and flying the aircraft that with all confidence I can easily say flying is the safe way of traveling!”

The co-passengers were instantly seen showing interest in his talk. The gentleman continued..

”See! We many times think that travel on ground is quite safe as we get a feeling there that whatever might happen, we are ultimately on a firm base. And while flying, this feeling is shaken up a bit as we feel that we are hanging all the way. Do you agree?”

Both the men's faces appeared brightened up..

”You exactly sensed our inner thoughts..”

They said together. The gentleman felt a bit proud in his heart.. At that point of time a few refreshments were served to them. The gentleman thanked the Hostess and said..

"See! They are serving tasty food too during our lengthy travel.. It’s time to relax and enjoy this travel!”

The co-passengers, nodded their heads in silence.. Having finished eating the food, the gentleman continued his talk on flight safety aspects for a while. At length he concluded saying,

“See, Sir.. Going by by statics with us, I can 100% assertively say that air travel is the very safe mode of transport anywhere in the world and...........”

Looked at his watch and said,

“Oh! It's nice we spent almost the full journey time talking on flight safety. It’s time to land now.. See, the aircraft had already started descending.. We've to fasten our seat belts now and be ready for landing.."

And having done that before the regular announcement, the gentleman said,

"This is one of the safety requirements to be followed during take off, landing and in times of turbulence.. Hope you both feel better now with what all I told!"

The 2 men smiled and nodded there heads.. Soon the aircraft landed and the trio walked out of the Airport together. Finally the gentleman bid bye to his 2 new friends and moved on..

The 2 looked at each other for a while with a smile on their faces and suddenly one said in a low tone..

“I'm not that much influenced by what all he said but invariably his talk for one and half hrs almost the full length of journey kept me off from my nauseating fear. Whatever.. For me truly 

 It was a blessing in disguise!"

Hearing that the other confided in a soft tone,

"Me too not bothered about what he said and it was boring beyond but one thing I noticed him doing before takeoff.. Closing eyes for a while praying to God.. It suddenly struck me that that is the best confidence booster in such situations and here afterwards I'm going to depend on that alone.. Truly 

It was a blessing in disguise!”

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  1. Diverting mind from an issue helps at times. :-)

    1. Yes, It works our in certain cases.... Thanks you very much Somali!

  2. We are all dependent on each other. :)

    1. Thanks Indrani...You brought out equally the Right Point.... All put together is the Safety anywhere in the world!

  3. Time to count our blessings in life & take off & land in style :)

    1. Yes, Anita.. You said it right.. Thanks for the appreciation!

  4. Sometimes important life lessons too come in disguise.

    1. Rightly said, Durga Prasad.. Thanks for the appreciation!

  5. such a lovely post.. for a minute, i thought the person will turn out to be the pilot.. haha, imagine my imagination!

    God bless the protagonist!

    1. Thanks Anu.. It's fun for a while carrying indirectly a message too.. A good comment on the Post!

  6. I can agree with the little prayer, it always helps :-) sure I can relate to that many times have seen and also do myself !

    1. Yes.. You said it very much right and we are EVER blessed thru'a heart felt Prayer.. Thanks for a good comment here.. Wishes!