Tuesday, December 5, 2017


A man was a little more calculative and was always spending monies somewhat below his level. A friend of him was a man of less calculative nature and was always spending his finances somewhere a little beyond his level.

Both were leading their lives with their families with those disciplines each justifying his own way of doing.

The spendthrift used to say,

  • “There's no tomorrow in life..
  • Let me live today’s life better by spending my monies a bit more..
  • What's the use of storing every pie when nothing comes with us?
  • Let me save but equally let me live myself too today!”
The other used to contest,
  • “Life is long..
  • How can I throw away even small amounts for these flimsy enjoyments which bring ultimately nothing in my life?
  • Why not I keep even small monies too for future as it's said that in tough situations, even a Rupee looks like a lakh?
  • Let me save and let me have a secured future!" 
Thus, both the friends never used to agree with each other!

One day both of them happened to meet a wise elderly man who was their well-wisher too in their lives.. They expressed to him their own views in respect of the right way of living the life.

The elderly listened to both of them, smiled and said,

“My dear! In life the true understanding should always be like this,

  • There's no reasonable tomorrow for me that needs lesser monies to live my accustomed life but there is no better tomorrow for me that needs greater monies to live my happy life!

  • My reasonable monies sure stay with me till the end with just a good care from my end and my ill gotten monies sure slip off from me towards the end in spite of a meticulous care from my end!
  • Money beyond is not required for me today but it's sure mine if I take care of it today and money minimum is required for me tomorrow but it's sure not mine if I take ease with it today! 
  • Throwing away money with ease today takes away my hold on my decent living tomorrow and hoarding money with greed today takes away my hold on my happy living tomorrow! 
  • Charity done beyond is a dent in my decent living and is equally a dent in the receiver's dignified living. That done meager is again a dent in my dignified living and is equally a dent in the receiver's decent living!

With this knowledge at the back, let us live for today with reasonable spending, plan for tomorrow with reasonable outlay and save reasonable monies for the day after!

Let us be disciplined thus, all along our lives with a constant additional reminder at the back of our minds,

  • ‘I am only a Trustee for my finances as they never belong to me. As a Trustee, I'll do my job of using, protecting and improving my finances through the best known methods. This alone is the Sacred Job given to me in this world!’
And if followed truly, this whole of discipline is sure the ultimate financial wisdom in our lives!”

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