Friday, January 5, 2018

  • "Do good to yourself!"
The wise man by my side said and continued..

"No doubt that action creates certain basic positivity in you as you maintain good healthy and safety.. But along with that..

  • Live thru' your responsibilities too!"

I said.. The wise man further said,

"That action sure brings in immediate peace in your life and upholds the established positivity in you but along with these 2 activities by the side,

  • Start doing good to the man next to you also!"
"I sure do.. But how does that help in improving my positivity?"

I asked.. The wise man explained..

"Doing good to others makes you know the depth of your responsibilities.. That in turn firms up the positivity already established in you!"

"Okay.. done! Is that all?"

I further asked..

  • Live thru' performing certain austerities and rituals..
By your side defining yourself in the role of a true social individual all along sticking to the principles of

'Non injury everywhere!'

This helps in binding you to the society as a valued individual indirectly boosting up the already firmly established positivity in you thru' the earlier 3 actions!"

Said the wise man straight looking into my eyes..

"Got it.. I'm from this moment into these disciplines!"

I promised.. The wise man instantly interrupted me saying,

"Wait.. There's this last one that truly completes your task here!"

"One more?"

I said impatiently.. The wise man smiled and continued..

"Yes.. It is the very important aspect of our life i.e.,

  • Believe in God!
The oft repeated Sayings are

'Between a cup and lip there are many slips!'
'Mishaps do not come single!' and
'None knows what is in store the next moment!'

A little introspection here shows that one may not be the same personality when a mishap comes up and to retain the mental strength in times like that and plan to lead further life with all firmness, the only way in front of an ordinal personality is..

'Firmly believe in God and further believe that the Almighty alone makes me move and guides me all along!'

As you start living your life with that Belief along with the rest, that ultimate attitude indirectly becomes a copy of certain constant awareness in you Viz.,

'Nothing belongs to me!'

And that itself makes you rise thru' the ultimate positivity required in your life as you remain humble all along your life!"

I became totally speechless!

Thus continued this day too the 5 Actions of mine which equally are the 5 wishes for 2018 from my end to retain the best positivity in me!

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  1. I wish each one of us could think in this way so that the world would be a better place for living full of goodness and positivity... :-)

    Thanks once again, Sir, for the Indimail... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna for the appreciation. Nice to have the good comment on the Post!

  2. Well written post, Sir! Especially the first three wishes - something that I've come to realise in the past year. Every action of goodwill creates a chain reaction of goodness and goodwill, that ripples across the world; Or at least, I hope so. Nevertheless, change in the actions of even a single person is enough. If each of work on bettering ourselves as human beings, the world would be a much better place to live in!

    1. Very rightly said Dr Manjula and thanks for the good comment on the Post.. Yes.. The change is sure possible but it forever should start with me only, none else!