Monday, March 5, 2018


That Sunday morning, the 4 friends were relaxing chitchatting in the balcony of one of the friends flat over a cup of hot tea. Soon their discussions ran into the costs of various items and services around and their helplessness in meeting those expenses..

  • "These our monies are not very big. A visit to the shopping area 2 times in a month simply takes out Rs 5000 from the pocket. There's not much left out to make another visit there in the month. That way, every month end we are forced to be at home with nothing to do!"
  • "You are right.. For people like us, it's still tight. Go for few standard pieces of clothing, that itself coves Rs 5000 and we are forced to keep off from other weekends' relaxation and outings.. Sad part of our working and living!"
  • "For me, one fine dining with family on a weekend and having some entertainment takes out Rs 5000 at one stroke. You can think of any other buying or spending, in the next month only. That way seen, we are getting pittance amounts as salary with all our struggle of studying and getting degrees!"
  • "Yes.. Our salaries should go up sufficiently.. Other wise, no meaning to a decent living.. You see, last week end, I had a full day's program of going round places, having some entertainment and modest eating out. Rs 5000 nowhere could meet all that cost. I had to......"
The friend in whose flat the meeting was going on, noticed the neighborhood elderly gentleman slowly coming inside the complex with a heavy bag. He instantly greeted the elderly saying,
  • "Hello, Sir.. Good morning.. How are you doing? Morning itself out?"
The elderly looked at him and the friends, smiled and replied softly

"I'm doing good dear! How are you all?"

  • "We are all okay, Sir.. Seems, you had gone for shopping in the morning itself? Anything special?"
"Nothing much Dear! Today is the month end, you know? That corner shop in our street sells the items at reduced rate on this day of every month. May not be much concession but that matters for people like us who are retired and get a modest pension!"
  • "How are your monthly expenses, these days, Sir? Are you comfortable with your limited pension and interest on the retired monies you receive for the month?" 
"Yes, dear! Those monies are quite good enough to meet our monthly expenses..
  • You know, just for Rs 1500, I could get our essential family food items like rice, wheat, oil, few dals, tamarind, chilies, salt, sugar, tea etc of course, for 2 of us for the month.. Another 1000 goes in milk, 1000 in vegtables and the rest essentials like electricity bills, gas bills and telephone cost one more 1000..
  • Summing up.. Within Rs 4500 we can get our bare essentials and another 500 will cost misc expenses!
  • Thus seen, Rs 5000 or a little more is quite good enough for our normal monthly expenses for a decent living leaving out exigencies. I'm happy that I could still save out of my pension/interest from deposits of my retired monies.. 
How's life other wise? Is everything under control?"

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