Thursday, March 8, 2018


A service provider gave his details to 2 individuals to fall back upon him at any time for the particular service he provided. As soon as he left,

One man discarded the details saying that better he hired on the spot service as much possible rather than took the service from a known person forever..

The other stored the details saying that better he took the service from the known person as much possible rather than hired on the spot service..

The first one asserted,

  • "It's an ever green fact that familiarity breeds contempt!"
The other equally said,
  • "It's a well known fact that familiarity brings in its own safety!"
The first one continued saying,
  • "The more familiar one becomes, the lesser ease one will have in certain of day to day movements!"
The other too said,
  • "The more familiar one becomes, the more ease one will have in other day to day movements!"
The first one again said,
  • "Familiarity takes out the carefree life in front and imposes it's own chains!"
The second one too was no less in saying,
  • "Familiarity instills it's own carefulness and brings in it's own safety!"
The first one emphasized,
  • "Become familiar, the newness in life is lost!"
The second one too equally emphasized,
  • "Become familiar, a new life is in front of you!"
The first one finally said,
  • "Live today forgetting the yesterday's happenings that force you to become familiar!"
The second one too said in the end,
  • "Live today remembering the yesterday's happenings that help you in becoming familiar!"
Thus went on their arguments endlessly. An elderly wise man listening to their talk, intervened with their permission and said..

  • No doubt familiarity breeds contempt but managing there and making use of the safety net it provides is ever the wisdom in life..
  • Yes.. My freedom to a certain extent is curtailed in a familiar environment but it's equally true that that extra freedom of mine sure ends where the other man's nose begins in an unfamiliar environment too..
  • Carefree or careful movements, the yardstick in life for ever is the right discipline of living and when that is given due importance, familiarity sure will have an edge..
  • Become familiar or not, the newness of every moment in life is a fact. Once seen that, one can meditate peacefully in the most interactive familiar environment too but when not seen that, concentration in isolated unfamiliar environment too becomes a herculean task with streams of past thoughts engulfing the individual endlessly..
  • Finally to say, knowledge is ever power and familiarity truly helps one secure that with utmost ease but when one gets lost to the same familiarity thru' an attachment feeling, that sure takes out the benefit of securing the very knowledge!"
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