Friday, April 13, 2018


In the beginning, God created man and said,

  • “You are totally free in the world. In a day of 24 hrs, you have to do nothing compulsorily except what you wish for.. Be happy!” 
But, man did not know what to do aimlessly with all that time, approached the Almighty and prayed to give a solution. The Lord said,
  • “About 10 hrs are to be spent on your sleep/personal care/needs to streamline my Creation but resources will be unlimited for you to do these. Be happy!"
Man soon retuned to God not knowing what to do with the left out 14 hrs time. The Lord said,
  • “Another 6 hrs are to be spent by you on your family responsibilities to help out my Creation. Again resources are plenty here for you to do this job. Be happy!” 
Man lead the life for a while but soon was at a loss not knowing what to do even with those 8 hrs, once again approached the Almighty and prayed to give a solution. This time the Lord said,
  • “From now onwards, your resources will be limited. And in order to meet the personal and family needs, you have to work the remaining 8 hours of the day to bring balance in my Creation. Be happy!” 
Man thus returned with full 24 hrs of jobs for a day and thought that there would be further no problems but as days passed seen unhappiness slowly coming back, again approached the Almighty and prayed to give a final solution to be happy in life. The Lord smiled and said,
  • “Here after, you'll have an interest to excel everywhere around you in all of your works. This definitely demands extra resources and for that you have to work either more time or with more effort..
Thus, you'll be struggling all along your life between personal needs, family lookafter and doing the best at work and there won't be any time left for you to be unhappiness. Be happy!" 

The morale of this fiction story in the right perspective goes thus..

Left to me, emptiness in my life is a big monster with respect to my time and the only solution here is start doing the various activities that are assigned to me in this life as my responsibilities with total attention, care to excel everywhere and call myself something in my life..

In that context..

The job, house, partner, children, car/bike, morning visit to market, office going, work loads, outings etc.. etc.. in total become my life and here the philosophy of my life forever remains..

How best I can do these jobs with my money, time and energies and thus progress spiritually endlessly till the Grace of God Bestows upon me!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt A job, a house, a spouse,a child, a car/bike, morning visit to market then office, work loads,sometime this all about life, what's your view towards life, share your philosophy of life,how should life be? #MyPhilosophyOfLife

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