Wednesday, April 4, 2018


The grandma was teaching simple proverbs along with their meaning to the little one of 6+. The boy was too jovial and naughty in taking the meaning of those Sayings in his own way and aptly replying to his grandma..

"All roads lead to Rome! It means....... "

The grandma was about to explain the meaning of that great proverb in simple terms to the boy.

"No, no, no.. It's not correct!"

Instantly replied the boy with a 100% surety seen on his face.

"Why, dear? How do you say that?"

"Because some roads have dead ends!"

The grandma continued,

"A stitch in time saves nine! It means if we take care in time...."

"Why nine? It can be two, it can be three, it can be four, it can be five,......."

Asserted the boy in reply. The grandma said,

"Better late than never! It means instead of not going at all, it's better you go late!"

"You are very much wrong. I can't do that. My school doesn't allow late coming!"

Said the boy very firmly. The elderly lady continued..

"You can't have the cake and eat it too!"

"That's not right.. Yesterday mommy gave me half the cake to eat and kept the other half in fridge!"

"Rome was not built in a day!"

"Yes.. Here only, you are correct. How can anyone build such a big city in a day?"

Screamed the little boy in her ear.

"Ahh.. My ear is gone. Why do you scream like that?"

She scolded him instantly.

"Where? It's not gone anywhere.. It's very much here!"

Replied the boy examining her ear closely..

The family instantly burst into a huge laughter with the naughty but truly the innocent reply from the child!

By then, the boy's mom kept ready the earlier day purchased big flower pot, nutrient soil and the pack of germinating seeds for the boy to plant the seed. Seeing that, the Little One instantly left all his mischief and fun making and became highly disciplined..

He carefully started filling the pot with the lose soil given, put the seed of the plant embedded deep in the soil, watered the soil and kept the pot in its place leaving a simple smile on his face for the great effort he had put in indirectly asserting..

"See.. I'm very much with Mummy Nature in my own way!"

Truly the attitude of communicating with Mother Nature at the earliest chance given!

Keyword: mischievousness