Monday, April 16, 2018


"Time to sleep dear.. You are tired and....!" cajoled the mom her Little One of 2..

"Time up, mom.. I'll miss the school bus!" hurried up the mom the boy of 12..

"Procrastination is the thief of time.. You'll sure regret in your life if you don't.....!" said the teacher to the lazy student in teens..

"Time and tide wait for none.. Take up that task immediately and start doing...." corrected the dad the erring son of early 20s..

"Times have changed.. You can't talk like that, dad!" demanded the grown-up of mid 20s expressing his own freedom..

"Where's the time? I'm too busy to do any....." screamed the man of late 20s..

"I don't have time to listen to all this.. Just do what I say else.........!" yelled the boss of early 30s..

"It's time to relax.. Let's plan our holiday to the distant....." said the overworked man of mid 30s..

"From time immemorial, this practice continues.. None so far could.......!" explained the guide of late 30s..

"Time has ripened for this man.. Next time, if he did this...." frowned the man of early 40s..

"Time alone solves the issues.. Leave it for the present and...!" advised the mediator of mid 40s..

"Now it's his time to answer.. Think before...!" forewarned the seasoned man of late 40s..

"God! You are in time.. Thank you else...!" said the relieved man of early 50s..

"It's time now.. Move on now and make place for others.. Let's see what best can be done here!" said the Chief Executive of mid 50s.. 

"You may have hrs with you but I'm left with only minutes and secs.. Stop wasting my time now and think of your deliveries else....!" asserted the seasoned customer of late 50s..

"Time never stops.. Don't delay the job in front of you and.....!" forewarned the elderly of early 60s..

"It's critical time.. Let's be proactive and not allow the present situation slip into.....!" advised the man of wisdom of mid 60s..

"Time gone never comes back.. Making amends to the wrong done is the only right way in front of all and.......!" asserted the man of insight of late 60s!

It's the one word that moves the entire world from end to end 
Passing thru' all travails as well as all happy conditions undisturbed and unaffected 
Engulfing dynasties leveling everywhere in the end.. 
Appears distinguishing but ever rules under the single law alone, 
Seen stopped but never stops at any point, 
Appears running but goes on it's own pace all along, 
Seen going slow but the pace ever remains the same,  
Appears doing wonders but never does so anything, 
Seen doing nothing but does its own wonders never imagined.. 
As the Little Ones forever recite sweetly.. 
'Tick-tock Tick-tock.. 
Merrily sings the clock!' 

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  1. Nice one, our perception of time does indeed change as we grow older.

  2. amazing read... Time sure means different things to all ages

    1. Thanks Amita for the appreciation.. You said it very much right in respect of concept of time.. Wishes!

  3. A beautiful summarization of the importance of time. Hats off Sir!!!

    1. Thank you for the appreciative comment on the Post.. Best Wishes!

  4. Time is everything ....Kalaya Tasmei Namaha :)

    1. Rightly said Ranjana.. Time is truly the controller of everything.. Thanks for the good comment here on the Post!