Monday, May 21, 2018


The Great Man forever used to carry the sacred thread on his body. People close to him who observed him for long asked,

"When you preach and practice Oneness so much, why do you still carry this piece of thread on your body?"

The Great Man smiled and said,

"Years back, my mother had tied this thread on my body with a belief in her heart that it does eternal good to me. I'll totally honor that belief of hers by ever carrying this on my body. But if the thread by itself tears off and goes, I, myself will not replace that with a new one!"

That's how Great Men and Women of my country ever carried their importance to the customs and practices of their ancestries indicating the true respect they had therein!

The Saint who used to practice Spirituality to the core was once traveling with his disciples in a forest area when a Tribal Chief met him and invited home for dinner. Accordingly, all had their dinner and at the end of the dinner as a customary practice, the Chief offered some wine to all the guests. The disciples were clueless on how to deal with the situation and looked at their Master. The Saint saying, 'Anando Brahma' drank the wine given to him whole heartedly and blessed the Chief..

That's how the Saints of my country ever upheld the various customs and cultures around with a unique feeling of carrying respect for the other man's customs and practices!

A Great Personality was sailing across high seas. On the ship, there were people of different groups segregated themselves to their 'own' and thus were continuing their activities effectively keeping off from other groups. And the journey continued thus..

On the way all of a sudden, an unexpected cyclone hit the ship. It was terrible for a while and the ship was a tiny piece of man made item in front of the gigantic winds that were passing over the ship with terrible speed!

Suddenly, the psychology of all the passengers had changed and all in no time, became single minded and started praying to the Almighty together chanting a single line of Prayer..

"God! Do Save us!”

The Prayer continued and the typhoon too for a while but soon it came down in its intensity to the relief of all and in few hours later totally vanished from the scene with the weather returning to normalcy..

In a short time, people again segregated themselves to their smaller circles and were busy in their own activities keeping off from others..

The Great Personality thought,

“How nice it would have been had the 'Togetherness' that was there sometime back continued in this normal time too!”

That's how the Great Personalities of my country ever stressed the importance of all groups of people of different customs and practices living together and helping each other!

The Great People who lead my country all along from the Mohenjodaro and Harppan Civilizations to the present day India of modern civilization, the Unique Centre of various religions and cultural practices forever upheld the above 3 Sacred Practices together Viz.,

The Ultimate Unity in Diversity!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt India is supposed to be a nation of cultural diversity, are we still culturally diverse? #culturaldiversity

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