Monday, June 25, 2018


Visited umpteen number of Monasteries staying so close to the Truthful Expressions but couldn't make own That a bit even.. 

Made many pilgrimages coming nearest to the Almighty but God's Grace shirked to embrace clarifying That.. 

Read endless number of Sacred Books with Truth overflowing all round but strangely was kept off from grasping That an iota.. 

Had limitless discussions with the wise with everything becoming an open fruit in front but the opportunity of assimilating That was sure missing.. 

Traveled far and wide in search of That simultaneously opening up a lot of understanding but something was sure missing there to complete the process.. 

Followed innumerable austerities and religious practices strictly adhering to non-injury everywhere with That almost coming to the doorstep but never moved in a bit beyond.. 

Involved in various meditations with no less discipline the mind totally becoming calm but the intelligence within gently reminded that all that was not Truth! 

Totally lost, that evening as I visited the Temple, offered my Prayer and sat in front of the Deity in certain attention, suddenly my Deity appeared smiling at me saying.. 

“Whatever you may do in this direction, unless 
You give a place to the next man in your heart, 
All that carries no great value.. 
Why don't you just get into that 
Sacred Task 
Straight away and thus move in your life with these endless activities going around you as usual?" 



  1. How many people realize what is the truth?
    Well expressed.


    1. Thanks Anita for the appreciation.. You are right.. It's very difficult to understand the Truth nearer to the Absolute.. What all I know most of the time is the relative truth alone with respect to my Dharma and that forever encourages the Service attitude in me towards humanity. Living thru' that life itself is the best activity I can do in my life.. A nice comment on the Post!

  2. Replies
    1. Rightly said, Pushpendra.. Thanks for the comment and Love the same!

  3. Truth and Lies or whatever is in between these too is as quivering as slipping sand. We hold and loosen the strength depending the need and use. Beautifully written lines.

    1. Rightly said, Dipika.. Thanks for the appreciation on the Post!