Tuesday, July 31, 2018


When the dacoit asked the Lord to stop moving, the Lord replied,

  • "I stopped long ago and it is you that had not stopped till this moment!"
That instantly brought a change in the dacoit's mind who further enquired into Spirituality thru' questioning and finally wanted to become the disciple of Lord. The Lord replied,
  • "You should go back to the same village where you killed 999 people for your selfish gain and take the punishment whatever offered by them. Then alone you can be my disciple!"
The dacoit accordingly went to the village and faced the wrath of villagers for the earlier damage done to them. In critical condition, he returned to the Lord and died at His feet.
  • "He is No1 Disciple of mine!"
The Lord proclaimed!

The story very much reveals the highest sacrifice required from one's end to bring a change in others and also when one carries such a love towards an individual, that person sure transforms..

A love and sacrifice of that level from an individual alone can sure help a man suffering from depression and no doubt finding such sacred entities in the world is no easy task..

Any interaction bereft of this love and sacrifice will send the depressed man more and more into his/her cocoon however pleasing the related actions may appear outwardly..

As people suffering from different critical health problems of life too basically retain a capacity of reacting suitably to the social interactions around them, they quickly socially adjust for the life in front of them and start responding in that way making them and their critical conditions socially acceptable..

Such a man's personality reasonably stays at a level balancing with the world's requirement as he/she lives thru' and thus remains as a whole personality in the eyes of the world at an acceptable level to the people around..

In the case of the depressed individual, that very personality remains under threat as the man goes more and more into his/her cocoon of depression with the world's continued questioning at the interacting level..

As no threat is sensed from the said individual, naturally a certain ease sure develops with the masses around him/her and that soon makes the depressed man seen as not their man from any angle..

Thus talking about depression ultimately becomes a taboo/stigma with the society and the depressed individual is seen as the written off case in general!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Why does talking about depression in our society is still a stigma ? #depression

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  1. beautiful story telling with full fill of emotions

  2. That's a splendid analysis of the issue Sir. All the same, it tells 'what is' and not 'what should be' or 'the desirable'. To get that, perhaps the reader has to read between the lines. Hearty thanks and compliments all the same Sir. Your posts are always like a lamp lit in the darkness.

    1. So nice to hear from you such a great compliment, Jitendra.. You exactly conveyed the message of the Post in a nutshell.. Thank you very much for the appreciation.. Wishes!