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In Sanskrit, a Saint is often called 'Parivrajaka' meaning one who constantly wanders around. Some of the Saints even this date make it a point to travel constantly from place to place as they feel that as one of their of Dharmas (Duties) forcing them live thru' a humble life of eating whatever is available on the spot and resting thru' whichever facilities are offered in that context.. 

That simple living, they feel would very much open up their minds more and more keeping off the thoughts of possession, self gratification and self protection. They know that staying at a place for a longer time invariably creates an unseen attachment and self interest in them to the place and the associated living..

One of the oldest stories of our Sacred Books talks on such a travel of renunciation thus..

*** Once, the Great Saint who almost renounced everything with Him and living truly the Ascetic life was travelling in a train in the suburbs on His daily routine..

It was noon nearing lunch time and every one was hungry..

Opposite to the Saint sat a rich man who never liked the Monks ever only wandering around doing nothing for their basic living..

Seeing such a Monk in front of him totally unprepared, the rich man decided to teach Him a lesson. He quickly opened all the foods he carefully got cooked, packed and carried with him for the journey. Others around thought that he would offer the food to the Monk before himself eating. Instead, the man straight away started eating his food..

The Saint as usual remained silent all along.The co-passengers never liked the behavior of the rich man but could say nothing in the situation. The train stopped at the next station and as rightly believed by the rich man, the Monk had no money too to buy his food from the platform!

Right at that moment, a stranger appeared in front of the Saint on the platform, bowed to Him, pulled out a big container of food he was carrying and quickly handed over it to the Monk saying,
  • “Reverend Sir, I'm suffering from a chronic health problem in my life. I am depressed with the pain and constantly was praying to God for solace. Yesterday night, I had a strange dream in my sleep and in the dream I was told, 
‘If you prepare a good tasty food and feed the most deserving man of hunger you come across, your pain will come down!’
  • I woke up and was about to brush off the dream from my mind but I don't know the next moment, my consciousness very much stressed me doing that.
  • I quickly cooked and packed the tastiest food with my own hands and came out searching for the most deserving man to feed. Here, I just saw you and instantly felt at my heart that I should give this food to you alone. Please eat this and Bless me!” 
All around were in spell bound silence seeing the magical happening in front of them!

It's just a story heard and repeated here but if seen in depth, the clear message conveyed is..

No doubt human effort and care are a must in every aspect of life but equally

The spirit of adventure, 
Foregoing the certain and 
Getting into the fields of the unknown

Are to be constantly kept live in one's life so that invariably one lives a life of 

Contentment and 
Elevating one's Soul 

And thus become a useful individual to 

The self, 
The society around and 
The humanity at large..

Again for a normal individual like me, it may not be possible to roam like a Saint except involving in those changes necessitated by the living and forced circumstances but

That never should stop me going round the world to the extent possible and experience the newness of life thru'the valuable interactions with various communities and thus grow myself within..

Thus frequent travelling far and wide with a totally relaxed mind leaving aside the usual chores of life for a while makes one sure the complete man!

An old Post is edited and brought out here in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Does Travel nurtures and strenthens an individual's soul?#Travel retaining the earlier comments on the Post pertaining to the story as is!

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  1. Such stories are told to enhance our faith in sadhus.
    I believe we do have dreams like this but enacting it is a rarity.

    1. The Great Personalities of the Earth are forever Unique and Great.... And they invariably always carry a 'Special Message' to the world.... Thanks for such a good comment!

  2. I like the story as it teaches us in a very simple way to share with others, especially the saints. Even in today's modern world, we cannot assume that all saints are fake.

    1. I very much agree with you on this.... Thanks for a very good observation!

  3. Very true... It has happened many times with me that some angel appear before me out of nowhere to help me. I truly believe that when going gets tough, tough get going. It is a wonderful story to remind this :)

    1. Thank you very much Ravish.... Your observation is truly noteworthy! Best Wishes....

  4. Beautiful story to strengthen our belief in humanity. 

  5. Your story spills the beans of an act of kindness

    1. Thank you Ayesha for the appreciation.. Best Wishes!

  6. awesome story telling with beautiful wording and emotions

    1. That's nice to hear from you, Pushpendra.. Love the comment and thanks for the same!

  7. Traveling makes you complete. So true.

    1. Thanks Nima Das for appreciation of the message of the Post.. Wishes!

  8. This is a nice post, sir. Travelling surely uplifts the mine, more so travelling humbly. I have backpacked across a number of locations and have had interesting experiences :)

    1. Rightly said, Abhi.. It very much opens up one's mind and more of humane approach develops in the individual. When energies are at the brim, it's better one never says no it whenever an occasion comes up.. Thanks for the good comment on the Post.. Wishes!

  9. Very true,sir :) I never lose an opportunity to travel.
    Best wishes.