Friday, September 28, 2018


God has given various occasions for men and women on the earth come together and express enabling many do that at an young age with each one finding certain unique expressions coming out of them while communicating with their listeners..

  • Some having 'many plus',
  • Some having both 'plus' and 'minus',
  • Some having many 'minuses' and
  • Many having different 'plus' and 'minus'
Being part of that Unique Communication

All instantly, carrying an unusual feeling in their hearts with the 'Sacred Love' taking birth by the side!

That spirit of communication between the couples sooner or later zeroes down essentially to stay at one of the 3 levels like..

  • The 1st level, wherein subsequent few interactions may take place but the parties remain just the acquaintances only for lifetime as the essence of communication soon fades off with 
Various materialistic factors acting as strong barriers..
  • The 2nd level, wherein the initial interactions may lead to certain closeness with each knowing more of the other, their like mindedness slowly bonding them together ever carrying an adoration for the other with 
That settling at close friendship breaking all the barriers..
  • The 3rd level, wherein the very first interaction blooms into the Entity called 'Sacred Love' and whatever be the status of the couples, 
That 'Love' standing unique in their hearts being the gift of God never finding an alternative on the earth!

Such a Love alone soon blooms into a relationship, over time bonds the relationship between the couples each forever going with a firm knowledge in respect of self Viz.,
  • 'Basically I have a bounden duty towards myself and I have to maintain the best of my health, safety and the basic well being..
  • Beyond, as I am interested in the physical/ psychological interactions with respect to the world, I should forever act within my set limits by the System around me as here, other people too are equally involved in their own way invariably myself using my skills/techniques there without disturbing the Order in Creation..
  • The family is the group wherein I'm destined to do certain special actions as I alone entered into these so called contracts knowingly or unknowingly. The family members have kept a trust in me and delegated certain responsibilities to me out of that faith..
  • Here I, forever truly disowning with a sacrifice feeling should remain a Trustee to all the assets of the family handed over in good faith and utilize them for the growth and betterment of the family members!' 
The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Does love pop-up as a surprise... or is it something that develops slowly over a period of time? #Love

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  1. Nice post on love. Yes love has many dimension. Love can be tumultuous at certain point. It can be calm like a placid lake at other. At the end of the day, love is a reaction caused by change in brain chemicals by visual or auditory stimuli. Can love be eternal or is it just a phase. If you shut chemicals, love ceases. Does it?

    1. Thanks Abhijit for the comment and here is a small explanation in this direction..

      What you said about the chemistry of reactions within the brain may be 100% right and that way seen the words 'love', 'popping up', 'slowly developing' etc are the words man created alone and here all these become part of science and language.. When perceived beyond these, the self within me becomes the main entity with it's primary interest forever being supporting it alone..

      When an individual rises above this self and looks at the other person in front with a service attitude of helping out, that self becomes different and in that state alone the individual will be doing the best towards the person with him/her..

      No doubt, it may be a bit difficult to understand the topic but when one stops looking at the worldly gain and starts looking within with all sincerity , this change begins and moves endlessly, of course with bottlenecks in that movement wherein the individual's ignorance blocks it till clarity comes thru' the Almighty's Grace..

      That love alone does wonders in the world and everyone a 100% and forever is a potential of extending that love to others as he/she lives thru' and interacts in the world, if he/she wills..

      Thanks once again for the very inquisitive question posed thru' the exemplary comment here and hope I could give the clarification to a certain extent.. Wishes!

  2. The only point one may want to add is that 'I' can be both a killer of love as well as a creator.

    Arvind Passey

    1. You are right Arvind and that's why the quality of self matters in all activities even though the basic self can never be rooted out in our lives.. Thanks for the good observatory comment on the Post!

  3. I loved reading this post.deep and though provoking

    1. Thank you very much for the compliment on the Post.. Wishes!