Sunday, September 23, 2018


What I heard in my childhood..

*** Once 3 sculptors were asked on how they felt about their work.. The 1st one said,

  • “What else is there to feel other than continuously chipping out this stone!” 
The 2nd one replied with a smile,
  • “Yeah! Am bringing out a beautiful angel out of this stone!” 
The 3rd famous sculptor burst out with an awe on his face,
  • "Don't you see an angel imprisoned in this stone? I'm just freeing her out!” 
That's how one's inspiration in life truly speaks with
  • The 1st one here, having almost zero inspiration in the work he was doing ever seeing the work in front as a burden,
  • The 2nd one no doubt having certain inspiration in him to bring out the best but still not lost to his job in the process and
  • The 3rd one with an overflowing inspiration endlessly at the back of a single thought of doing only the job in front and nothing else of his self involvement! 
*** Sage Narada ever living with the thought of only His Lord, once asked Lord Krishna at a Sea shore,
  • "What is the power of illusion in this world?" 
The Lord smiled and said,
  • “I will tell you. I am thirsty presently. Can you fetch me some water from one of the houses seen in distance?”
The Sage immediately went to the near by colony to fetch the water. An attraction in the area instantly held Him, further one involvement led to the other and soon He was permanently into circles of activities around Him..

Soon when the ‘down' followed in his mission, He felt utterly helpless and miserable.. At that point of time, a kind hand touched Him and as He looked up, Lord Krishna was seen smiling saying softly,

  • "Dear! Where is the water?” 
*** The world famous scientist looked at his pet with never lessening love who overturned the lamp and burnt out his research papers on the table, smiled and just saying,
  • "Oh, dear! What have you done?" 
Cleaned up the mess and further continued regenerating his lost work without a single sigh or remorse feeling!

That's how the inspiration in the world moves on invariably dampened by

The prime needs of life of the individual and
The attractions around him/her

All along

Hard work,
Involved approach,
Practice and
Remaining part of that Investigation.. Seen thus..
True Inspiration working in the world is a fact but
The survival forces and the enchanting entities around
Constantly dampen that spirit to come out freely and thus
Man is eternally chained many times..

No despair,
None is less here,
Every individual is charged forever internally
Well in excess and
Truly in abundance
By the Grace of
The Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient One
As man takes birth on the earth to find out
The Ultimate.. 

In that long journey, 
Finding the lesser is never a problem for the man at the back of 
The Original Inspiration 
Which no doubt comprises of 
The eternal questioning in the individual thru' 
'Why, Where, What, When, Which, Who and How' 
All along!
The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt What is inspiration? How different is it from hard-work, focus, involved approach, practice, and research? #Inspiration



  1. Have always loved the way you have a story or a parable or a fable for everything.

    Arvind Passey

    1. Thanks Arvind for the compliment.. Some inspiration in this direction!

  2. Wow... every word that you write regardless of what the topic is truly inspiring... always

    1. Thanks Bhavna for the appreciation on the Post.. A nice comment here!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Sarvana Kumar for the compliment.. Love it and Wishes!