Thursday, November 1, 2018


God originally created man on the Earth and said,

“You will live your life in the Lap of Mother Nature through hard work and simple living alone!”

And man sincerely took the Orders and followed the same for a while. But soon, a wild thought entered therein and it sure happens to one when one gets fed up with the routine..

The thought said,

  • “It's not that much wrong if you work here for gaining a little 'More' for yourself!”
Stressing the word 'More!'

Man no doubt, yielded to the thought as it prompted within repeatedly ever proving the power of even a single wrong thought with us. Thus in no time, the 'Gaining for self' had gained momentum and man started making use of the surroundings extensively for that purpose. Such an activity always alters the very 'Face' of the 'Environment' and there too it started happening without an exception and certain unhappiness too followed..

At this point of time, God appeared and warned the man,

“You are unsafe now. Better, you control this down fall in you. Find out a way of limiting this at any cost!”

Man, through own pride and prejudice tried the best to find out that which would control the downfall and get back the safety. In the process, certain theories of improving were invented and soon they propelled man work towards implementation of various 'Schemes' in that line..

But in no time, it was noticed that if there were improvements in one direction/field, there were equal downfalls/damages in other directions/fields. That's ever remains a fact in the world as the world always appears of that color of the glass alone through which it is seen with Truth forever remaining different. And the only way here is just to throw away those very 'Glasses' as much possible..

But as man never cared there, God again appeared and reminded,

“Unless you start doing part of all your destined works exclusively for the betterment of that man who is in no way related to your

  • Ideologies, 
  • Theories,
  • Views, 
  • Dogmas, 
  • Concepts and your
  • Own Groups 
Except that the individual in front is a Human Being along with you in your life, the situation would never improve..

Better you start such an activity at the earliest!”

Man filled in with a certain ego established by that time questioned back,
  • "What connection is there between that type of activity and the problems around?"
God smiled and said,

"Make a note.. As long as you work for yourself it's the
  • Comfort, 
  • Luxury, 
  • Show off, 
  • Superior feeling,
  • Making quick monies,
  • Breaking Nature's Laws and
  • Disregard to welfare, growth and basic safety
That come into picture everywhere.. But as you start working for others around, it's forever the
  • Struggle,
  • Simplicity,
  • Containing,
  • Feeling equality, 
  • Earning the right monies,
  • Respecting Nature's Laws and 
  • Regard for welfare, growth and basic safety 
Every moment that matter most!"

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  1. loved reading it. really we need to love ourself most and everything fall in place automatically.