Friday, November 16, 2018


A story heard by me in my young age, the origin of which is unknown to me this day goes thus..

  • When king Yudhisthira asked Lord Krishna what to do if the toughest situation surfaces, the Lord gave him a small writing on a leaf and asked him to see that only when the toughest situation comes up. At one point of time, the situation was felt by the king as the toughest and when he saw the writing given to him by Lord krishna, a message was seen there Viz.. 
'This too will pass!'

In my life tense moments do come and go and there is a definite agony and confusion during that period with no meaning to the on-going pursuit of issues in front all the zeal suddenly becoming zero with no energy to move a step forward..

No doubt, I live in time and time brings in the so called problems of life and keeps in front of me. There sure, I'm expected to give a solution as well as overcome the pain associated with therein..

The proportions of these 100% depend on how much the proportionate Truth is part of my personality..

Naturally I would be seeing my problems with these colored glasses of mine alone and accordingly will be giving a solution to them with certain stability of mind as well as with certain helplessness in the situation..

Thus seen, the Saying

'This too will pass!'

Is neither a consolation in times of trouble nor is the escapist's thinking but a fact in my day to day life!

The way the Great Masters of Philosophy had lived their lives voluntarily surrendering the so called

'Many of Their Own'

100% reflect that,

This life is never a bed of roses,
I am never a owner here permanently and
The problems of life are a fact and never a fiction!

  • A Great Saint used to live outside in open area. He used to say, 
“Earth is the floor, Sky is the roof and hills around are the walls of my house!”
  • When a Master was wished the best on His birth day, He said, 
“Why don’t you wish me on the day of Realization instead of today?”
  • Once a robber chased by security men dropped his loot in the lap of a Saint on the way and fled off. When the security men questioned the Saint, the Great Man said,
"I stole the goods!"
  • A Great Philosopher was attacked and had fallen unconscious. Subsequently the disciples started serving Him and to check if he was conscious when they asked who was serving Him, the Great man said, 
“The hand that hit me is serving me now!”
  • When a Saint was attacked brutally by a rowdy element and subsequently the rowdy was caught and brought handcuffed before the Saint, the Great man simply said, 
“I see God in you!”
  • When the Great man was cautioned that the Powerful with whom he was antagonizing can do a great harm to him, he proclaimed, 
"They can either torture me or kill me; more than that can they do nothing to me!"

And many more..

I am this day is sure far, far away from this Strength depicted by the Great Men and Women of the earth but not totally helpless too.. Seen thus,

Prima facie in the first instance and at this moment, the way of reducing the intensity and the frequency of occurrence of problems of life as well as developing certain strength of mind to face them when occurred is to lead a life of the 10 disciplines as much possible Viz.,

  • Caring for good health and basic physical safety..
  • Building good character over time and truly living there up to the mark..
  • Making monies to a certain extent which no doubt give a decent life that is very much required..
  • Identifying the rights and responsibilities more and more clearly..
  • Never getting into promises and agreements without getting into details..
  • Caring more for responsibilities everywhere voluntarily surrendering my right to the best possible where the more weak next to me are benefited..
  • Where the right is forcibly taken away, never giving up the task of getting it but all along remaining on guard not to lose further right as well as not getting damaged in the process..
  • Protecting the existing rights in more a concrete way thru' better management and taking group support of like minded people..
  • Caring for lesser and lesser pleasures of life to the extent the mind allows..
And finally,
  • Having a certain Belief in God as the ultimate mental support in times of bigger crises of life!
The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire prompt 'This too will pass.' Do you think this is good consolation in times of trouble? Or is it escapist thinking? #ThisTooWillPass



  1. really I love this line, last month was very tensed for me. Took me some time to cover myself and maintain mental stability. I decided that in November I will not take any tension and keep reminding myself this too shall pass. it works magically. Love the write up.

    1. Thanks Bhawana for the appreciation.. You said it very much right.. An optimistic outlook often helps us in such situations.. Here, patience is forever the virtue.. Thanks and wishes!

  2. I appreciate the thoughts laid down in this post to a great extent (though not fully) Sir and I thank you for this wonderful sharing. I my opinion, 'THIS TOO SHALL PASS'is both a good consolation in troublesome period of life as well as a kind of escapist thinking by someone who can't do anything to improve his life or who is (knowingly and unknowingly) unwilling to do so. Finally, it depends upon the person in question. For an optimist and a PURUSHARTHI, it's a good consolation to bide his bad time whereas for a pessimist and a lazy one, it's a camouflage for his escapist approach to life.

    1. You said very much right, Jitendra.. Yes.. It all depends on the outlook of an individual in life.. Further, how much one understands the Truth in the situation alone guides the person on future course of action.. In that context alone, one puts up with a tough situation and one tries to escape from that.. Thanks for the good comment on the Post.. Wishes!

  3. This is a nice post. As I understood, we have to give our best under any circumstance. Yet, if the outcome is not commiserate to effort we should not get disappointed. Again this is the ideal situation. Most of us are not reached such level of detachment. But we must make effort to reach the ideal.

    1. Rightly said, Abhijit.. We must try our best in the situation and try to live up to our level. Sometimes, it is possible and sometimes not possible.. The right course of action is to accept the level as is but never leave the attempt of improving there.. Thanks for the appreciation here!

  4. The story that your began the post with is interesting... surprised that I had never read or heard it before. Thanks for sharing it.

    Arvind Passey

    1. Yes, Arvind.. I heard it in my younger age from elder brother who used teach us a lot on philosophy of life.. I am yet to know the origin of that instance.. Thanks for the appreciation!

    2. On 22/11/1999, the convocation night on the occasion of 74th Birthday of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the drama of Lord Krishna advising Yudhisthira staged by the students has this reference..

  5. Loved this piece completely. This is the favorite quote of Sri Sathya Sai babaji.