Thursday, December 20, 2018


The little boy 7+ staying abroad was of too questioning type and demanding.. That summer, he was  at his grandparents home in his school vacation along with his mom..

The mom totally planned for her boy's activities during the stay of one month at her native place and accordingly she got him joined to certain special activity of learning for one month which on an average used to take about 2 hrs per day during weekdays at the nearby Center for Kids..

Whatever the mom decides, it's ever good for the child, so to say that alone is good for the little one. So the grandpa straight away started implementing that program a 100% but in a softer way as 

The little boy was much against going for extra learning saying that it was his holiday time and they were teaching more than that taught in his school!

Everyday, the grandpa used to give his grandson a special incentive if he attended the extra learning class and learned the required..

  • "Today, I'll take you after your class to the exhibition at......."
  • "You go to your class now and after the class, I'll buy for you...."
  • "As soon as your class get's over, we are going out to the new place........"
  • "Today evening, I'll take you to the park at......."
  • "There's a big Toy Shop in our area. There you get your favorite games and ......."
That way pulling on, one month appeared to be too long and beyond, it was a problem for the grandpa to see that the child was motivated daily on weekdays as many options soon ran out except left to repeating the earlier ones..

That day morning as usual the grandpa was thinking how to motivate the child, a call came from the Learning Centre that the day's class was cancelled because of a never thought specific holiday..

He was about to announce that to the child but decided to amuse the little one a little more. The family was informed of the same but they were told not to talk on that to the boy immediately..

Later, it was a surprise for the boy that his mom never talked of going to his class for the day and further not asked him get ready in that context.  When the boy came to play with his grandpa, the gentleman told his boy whispering to him close,

"Dear!  Your mom seem to have forgotten about your class. We'll just keep quiet for the present and you will do your painting in that time with your paints and writing materials I purchased for you.. Okay?"

The boy instantly got excited beyond and whispered back in his grandpa's ears with a mischievous smile..

"Yes, grandpa.. Don't tell mommy at any time. She forgot asking me do my homework and become ready. We'll keep quiet. She is not asking for it. I'll paint now with my water colors and sketch pens!"

Soon the boy totally got into a joyful mood, brought all his writing and coloring materials, painting books etc., spread on the floor from one end to the other end of the room and started painting with a great zeal and fully involved feeling..

The grandpa smiled within, decided not to spoil the mood of the child by telling the

Not Required Truth of the Moment 

And thus equally actively joined the boy in his activities..

Thus moved on their time in front with every half hr the little one with his cute smile whispering to his grandpa how his mom and grandma forgot asking him go to his class and the 

The Great Painting Session 

Going on endlessly for 2 hrs..

As the child's best was involved in the activity, the result no doubt was 


Of the boy's level and there, the

Keen Interest, 
Enthusiasm and 
Love for the Art 

In front at that moment brought the best out of the boy proving forever that..

The taste of pudding is sure in eating alone

As one sees the painting of the boy!