Sunday, January 6, 2019


The young man was just 22 yrs old..

"Sir! I've a peculiar problem. I very badly need your advice!”

He was muttering words in front of an elderly experienced gentleman. The 58 yr old man looked at him and said,

“Dear! I've the best suggestion here. This really works. Please try this method daily for about 15 minutes, let it be either in the morning hrs or in the evening time. The regularity is very important. Am sure you'll feel better soon!”

Years rolled on with the practice and soon he was a man 27 yrs..

“Sir! This problem continues.. As you are the well knowledgeable person in this direction, can you suggest me a good solution here?”

He was found requesting a 53 yr old experienced gentleman of that time..

"Don't worry.. I've a permanent solution for you!"

Thus saying, the gentleman brought cheers on his face and soon he was put on that rigorous discipline!

That way, time moved on and he touched 32 of course, the problem continuing..

"Let me try what's in store. This man seems to be very knowledgeable. By God's grace if it works.."

Were his thoughts of half-hearted hope when he incidentally came across a man of 47 with certain knowledge in that direction and briefed him his problem. That man instantly said,

"I'll sure help you!"

And could revive the lost hope for a while. But no need to say, the man was soon back with his problem as usual!

Years rolled by and the man was 40..

"Let me try one more chance. I doubt anything will work but there is no harm in giving a trial here. I'll ask one of my classmates who is a known man in these matters!"

Firming up thus he, on a day requested his classmate friend, a man of 40 help him out come out of his perennial problem..

"Dear! I know you tried some solutions from few senior people in this field. It's unfortunate that nothing has worked for you. I may not be that great but I made some studies in this direction. I tell you, you should get into certain simple practices of....."

Saying thus the friend told him what to do..

Agreed, that seemed working for a while but soon that routine too started losing it's grip which it originally had and the man was back with his problem sure a 100%!

Time moved on and the man soon touched 50..

“Had few advices for a solution to my problem.. Some never worked, some appeared working and a few had negative effect but with all that am back to my original problem. Now, I'm very careful in this matter and check well before I go to anyone for advice!”

Thus he was saying one evening in front of a man of 35..

"Sir.. I know something.. I'll just suggest...."
Saying thus that not so young man gave a few tips to the elderly man!
The clock ticked on and he was fully grey haired man of 58..

The 22 yr old son introduced one of his friends as the budding Expert in the area of his perennial problem and said,

“My dad is having a peculiar problem since his young age. He lived with the problem all these years. There seems to be no solution!"

The 22 yr old young man interrupted his friend, looked at the elderly father and said,

“Uncle! I've the best suggestion here. This really works. Please try this method daily for about 15 minutes, let it be either in the morning hrs or in the evening time. The regularity is very important. Am sure you'll feel better soon!”

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  1. As you reflected if something does not solve our purpose we assume it to be obsolete, only to realize later we had started off right but never kept faith.

    1. Yes.. The Post conveys both the meanings.. Old and proven methods are forever good for us and equal number of times we have no solution to a problem other than living thru' with that.. Thanks for the good comment on the Post!

  2. What exactly was the problem and what was the suggested method? Why did the gentleman wait from 17 years till 50 years if things were not working, with intermittent advice from sundry experts?

    1. This is a humorous way of hitting at the real solution to some of our usual problems of life, Abhijit.. The oft repeated problem of mine at times, truly has a no solution for a life time, I need to adjust my life style as well as my outlook and thus live with the problem at a simmering level.. All along the life, I sure come across people who at various stages of my life advice on that known to them as a permanent solution.. Here a few times it may work, may work partially or may not work at all and thus goes my life.. Sometimes, I may hear from those in the field the same long back what I heard in my young age.. Thanks for the right enquiry comment on the Post!