Friday, March 1, 2019


That evening the child of 7+ was too adamant. The mom asked him to paint 


Before going to his studies..

"It's my play time now. Why should I paint?"

The boy straight away questioned ..

"Okay.. This coming Sunday, there is no Karate Class. That time is your play time extra. Now let's paint together.. It's your project and your Teacher asked for it!"

The mom said..

"No.. I'll play now and paint in my study time!"

The boy was firm. The mom said,

"Okay.. Do what you want. I'll paint myself!"

Saying thus, she started painting..

"Mommy! You can't do that.. I want to play!"

Said the boy tears rolling down his cheek. The mom remained silent..

The grandpa intervened and said..

"Okay, dear.. Let your mommy paint and I'll play with you..

But make your mom a bit happy. Just start painting. I'll get your toys and arrange them for play. 10 minutes of painting.. We start playing.. Still you'll have half hr before your studies start.. Okay!"

Instantly, the boy agreed to that and saying..

"Okay.. Grandpa.. I'll paint and you arrange my toys!"

He picked up his drawing book. The grandpa brought and arranged his toys ready for play. The mom once glanced at what the boy was doing and continued her painting..

"Dear, The Great Fire of London destroyed so many houses and many people became homeless. We Shouldn't allow such fires to happen again. Okay?"

"Yes.. Grandpa.. We should be careful with fire!"

"So.. Let's show how dangerous that fire and smoke was with all dark colors. Tomorrow your teacher shows your painting to all and tells them how dangerous  a fire can be. Don't you want your friends see your painting and become careful?"

"Yes.. I want that!"

"You know, dear! Once a sculptor was asked what he was doing and he said,
  • 'Don't you see? I'm chipping!'
But when the famous sculptor was asked the same question he said,
  • 'Don't you see an angel imprisoned in the stone? I'm freeing her!'
Do you like to paint the ordinary fire or the real one so that all will become careful seeing your painting?"

"I like to paint the real one!"

"In our dictionary, word 'struggle' comes first or 'success?'"

The boy thought for a minute and said.. 

"It's 'struggle!'"

"People struggled a lot to put out that fire and rebuild London. And they became successful in building the new beautiful city.. 

So let's struggle a bit and become successful in getting the best painting for people to see the fire and become careful!"

The grandpa cheered up..

  • "Yes.. success always comes after struggle.. I'll struggle now.. I don't want to chip.. I'll free the angel.. Grandpa.. Give me the red, blue, black colors.. Tell me what color I should put here? How much color? 
  • Also, get me.... Mommy.. What color I should put for smoke.. Dark or brown? How many people running here and there I should draw? Grandpa.. Is this......?"
Saying thus instantly, the boy got into the 


Of showing max of what had happened all along his grandpa cheering up by the side simultaneously feeling happy within that he could gently turn the job of his boy for school purpose into 


With the boy carrying a great tempo and zeal all along!



  1. A great message. How to bargain with a child and direct his energies towards what is important compared to something less important at the moment. I wish we were as mature.

    1. Thanks Abhijit for leaving such a nice comment on the Post.. Love it.. Wishes!

  2. Lovely message . The child not only learn how to paint but also learn his real value .