Friday, March 8, 2019


“Once a disciple happened to see his Master in certain environment in the odd hrs of night. He thought,

  • ‘The Master always advises to keep distance from the attractions of the world. Then why, such a Great Man is seen in this environment? Let me follow here and see the end of this drama!’
Having thought thus, he secretly followed the Master but in no time, found his Master attending to certain works routine in nature. He couldn't keep his guilt feeling within himself and the next day confessed to his Master on what he thought and did.. The Master smiled and said,

'Never leave this doubting attitude in your life

At anytime,
With whomever it be and
Whatever be that doubt..

That alone is the Right way of progressing in the Path of Spirituality!'"

The Head of a Monastery when told that story to a group of devotees, one of them asked,

“Reverend Sir! If that is so, why the Great People of the world repeatedly preached,

'Believe in God and have Faith in Him!'

Can you explain?"

The Head smiled at him and said,

“Dear! What the Great Men and Women spoke of Faith in God is not in the usual sense we use the word in respect of worldly dealings. Questioning in respect of worldly dealings is the primary duty with us establishing 'what is what' to the core..

But myself, questioning the Existence of God is similar to

  • The grown up son validating his mother's actions towards his growth as right and wrong as they many times lacked rationality.. 
  • Never attempting that, the son just touches his mother's feet and pays his respects to her for ultimately.. 
'Making him a full grown up man of certain capabilities in his life!'

In a similar way,
  • I too never attempt questioning here but just touch the feet of the Almighty and pay my respects to the Lord for ultimately 

'Making me today an embodiment of certain health, strength and capabilities in my life!'

This is the exact reason why Great Personalities repeatedly reiterated their stand of having

Faith in God

And proceed living our lives thus on this Earth!"

However while leaving, the Head cautioned..

"Just like the mother ever expects her son to do always the Right in life,

The Almighty too expects us ever do the Right alone in the world at the back of our Undaunted Faith and never less at any point of time!"

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  3. Doubt and faith are sides of a coin. I've written about it here:

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