Sunday, March 31, 2019


That evening as I was on my usual stroll in the park, a strange entity called me from behind. As I looked back, it said..

"Hello! How are you? Have you forgotten me?"

I asked,

"Who are you? I've never seen before!"

"I was totally with you till last few months but you only forcibly left me out as you decided to live without me!"

The entity said.. I suddenly remembered..

"Oh! It's you? I never saw you earlier in this shape. Good, I got rid of you. A wise decision from my end.. Because of that, I'm totally peaceful today. I advise.. Better you mend your ways!"

"Ok.. Leave all that.. Give me one more chance.. I'll never give you any problem I want to be your friend!"

"Enough is enough.. I know what all promises you made all those years but in the nick of time, how you made me face my fate.. You know.. Almost with every human being on the earth at any moment..

The Most Important Question In Life Is..

'How can I get off from this entity in my life?'

And there, I could straight away answer by saying a firm 'NO' to you..

A 100%!"

Saying thus, I turned back and headed homeward. On the way I met few of my junior members of my group.. I instantly advised them..

"Hello, dear! Don't go that side.. Just now I saw........... You are the beginners and that entity can take its revenge on you because I said firmly 'NO' to it. You are like tender plants in the field and got to grow a lot before you face such incidents..

You know.. To me, such an experienced man too, that entity was talking so sweetly to trap me. But as I was knowing it's drama, it could do nothing to me!"

Instantly, my juniors turned back on my word and soon moved away from the place. As I walked further few yards, I saw a limping entity looking at me..

"Who are you? Why are you staring at me?"

I asked..

"Have you not recognized me?"

The entity asked.. I was amused..

"Is it another story? Is it another entity I was hoping to get rid of? Anyway, nice to hear this.. OK.. I don't exactly remember.. Tell me precisely.. Who are you?"

"I'm the 'humility' following you all these days hoping making friendship with you one day but today you mercilessly threw me out causing grievous hurt to me allowing that entity 'pride' you met in the park take over you!"

Suddenly some boys were heard screaming aloud in distance

"April Fool!"
At one of their friends on the All Fools' Day!

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  1. What a presentation !!!! deep and insightful. just awesome.

    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy for the compliment.. Love it and Wishes!