Thursday, May 30, 2019


“Let’s quickly finish our lunch, get off from these boring surroundings and go out of peripheries to our favorite city!”

Thought the family, accordingly were out at 1 PM and moved towards the city 30 km away from their home. Having reached the centre of the city, they straight moved to their favorite restaurant for a small bite..

“Let's enjoy one of the best snacks of our place!”

The dad said and the family soon started munching their favorite delicacies served hot amidst..

Pouring in customers,
Endless talks everywhere
Very little leg space and
All fast movements..

Too much excitement for the family..

"Let's now go to the famous Mall oft spoken of!"

The family decided and soon were at the Shopping Mall..

Cramped parking lot,
Many, many small floor area shops,
Criss cross moving people,
Endless hustle and bustle..

Welcomed them at the Mall and it was really a feast to the eye for the next one hr..

“The Park two streets away would be ideal for play at this point of time!”

The mom said and soon the family was at that place.. It was just a

Small lengthy park,
Flooded with weekend people,
Hardly any space to move and
Vehicles continuously honking and zooming on both sides of the park.. 

But the family loved the place with so many children screaming, running and playing around..

“We had the best time today. It's time to return now. Let’s have some tea in the popular Refresh Centre of the place and get back home!”

The dad said and in no time all moved to the place. Amidst

Cramped small place,
Too much noise,
People almost hitting each other and
No air movement..

The dad and mom enjoyed their beloved Chai sipping slowly and children munching few snacks..

They soon started returning saying bye to their very much loved city feeling within as


In a short time, the car was out of the city limits and zoomed into the suburbs towards their home. As they neared their place, the children urgently needed the rest room use..

“Let's have some tea at our usual restaurant before going home as children relieve themselves!”

The family decided and having parked the car in the parking area of the restaurant as they were moving into the restaurant, a friend with his family was seen coming out..

All members soon greeted one another and after a while, the man asked,

“Were you on a job here? You came all the way from your home in the middle of the city!”

The friend smiled and said,

“No! We just wanted to get away from our routine and surroundings. We were very hungry and wanted to have some food in the restaurant adjacent to the park amidst..

Few customers,
Soft talks around,
Ample leg space and
All gentle movements..

Then we walked thru' the Main Market with

Plenty of Parking space,
Few orderly laid out shops,
Leisurely moving people and
Calm and cool surroundings..

We felt like visiting the big park and indeed had a very good time there. Such a great park so close to you..

Huge lengthy park,
Few visitors,
Lots of space to move and
Fresh air everywhere with silence ruling all over..

We thought of dropping at your place but then we felt that you too would need the weekend to relax and get refreshed..

And we just wanted to have some tea in this place before heading homewards with

Vast seating area,
Soft talk next to you,
People smiling at each other and
Cool breeze from all corners..

I tell you.. We are very much impressed with your place and for anyone, we strongly recommend it


By the way, I forgot to ask you..

From where are you coming now and how did you spend your day?”

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019


That night as I went into sleep, I had a strange dream in which the Father of the Nation appeared in my dream and asked how the surroundings of his beloved country are..

I said,

"Bapuji! Today's India is different. Equal number of people are charged with an emotion to get solid results thru' whatever is possible with them. In that context, they feel that there is nothing wrong even if certain extra steps are taken once in a way!"

Bapuji looked at me, smiled and said,

"That's one way of action with the world. What one aims thru' such actions forever remains a temporary change only and sooner or later people would be back to their stand. Instead, is it not worth trying to bring in a permanent change in the hearts of people for normal rightful actions required from their end?"

"What should one do for that to happen?"

"I can only say that with patience, one should be a leader of the right understanding rather remaining a rebellious man in day to day interactions with people in all walks of life as..

A Rebellious man,

  • Forever is only conscious of the rule of authority generating a hatred towards the rulers thus spreading often a wrong message,
  • Many times can take the followers up to the altar point alone as beyond that they would never be willing to sacrifice,
  • Invariably is shunned by the opponent group where in they straight away prepare to suppress the movement directly or indirectly,
  • May secure certain authority for the followers by bringing in changes in the legislation but beyond nothing more,
  • Invariably tries to destroy the energy behind suppression and secures a temporary solace in the situation,
  • Sometimes creates a fear among the followers with an explicit doubt on their faces, 'What is the end of all this?' and
  • Attacked and immobilized by the authorities may stand to end own personality there by contributing a small share to the Change aimed at! 
Where as a Leader of the Right Understanding,
  • Forever sees only the untruth in rule of authority minimizing the hatred involved in the process,
  • Leads the followers boldly to greater heights invariably motivating them to do certain sacrifices at their own level for the Greater Cause,
  • Often carries a Respect and Regard from the opponent group and sometimes even is blessed by them too indirectly,
  • Brings in certain authority for the followers and in addition brings in a change too in the followers,
  • Never lets the energies go waste transforming and streamlining them towards damage control, future growth and development,
  • Forever makes the followers feel safe under the protective umbrella invariably opened up for them and
  • Will allow ending own personality freely under attack by authorities but with a smile of forgiveness invariably bringing a transformation in the hearts of those who were into the very act of suppression by contributing a major share towards the Change!
Don't you want to be the leader of this right understanding in all your actions and be at peace?"

My dream ended there and as I got up from my bed and was recollecting what Bapuji told me to follow in my life, Sloka 19, Chapter III of Srimad Bhagavad Gita was heard on the distant loud speakers being recited melodiously with the meaning explained in parallel..

'tasmad asaktah satatam karyam karma samacara
askto hy acaran karma param apnoti purasah'

'Without attachment, without interruption perfectly perform prescribed actions since by performing those actions a person achieves the highest good!'

This Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Mahatma Gandhi comes in your dream and asks you to take him around? Which places would you take? What would be his reaction to the 2019 India & your explanation? Write your imaginary conversation with MG. #GandhiReturns


Monday, May 27, 2019


He was the man of

Authority and
Muscle Power

And there he forever looked at those three entities as true saviors. Life was fantastic and was moving on thus..

Soon, there was a problem..

  • “How much money do you need to do this work? Simply, ask but never say, I can't do it.. OK?”
Thus he spoke with an air of confidence at the back of his huge Monies but never a right path, at the end offering a small prayer to God. No doubt, the issue was straightened soon!
  • "See! There's nothing what we can't do. If anything is to be said now, I can only say that

Again, there was a sizable problem where money might have played its role but that was not enough to resolve the issue..

  • “Do you want Mr…..... to put a word to your people. Just tell me.. But, I want this be completed by tomorrow evening positively!”
Thus he spoke with an air of confidence at the back of his Authority but never a right path, at the end offering a small prayer to God. No doubt, the issue was straightened in no time!
  • "See! There's nothing what we can't do. If anything is to be said now, I can only say that

The time moved along with all that thinking and suddenly he encountered a very big problem. Slightly the frightening type..

  • “Look, dear! I just want, your group to say 'OK' to this. Hope there won't be anything like 'NO'.. Do you understand what I say?”
Thus he spoke with an air of confidence at the back of his Muscle Power but never a right path, at the end offering a small prayer to God. No doubt, the issue was straightened in no time!
  • "See! There's nothing what we can't do. If anything is to be said now, I can only say that

A few years passed thus calmness ruling all along. One day, it was suddenly the most trivial and toughest problem of life that left a squeeze in the heart of the man..

He quickly looked up at his Money.. 

It was instantly clear that that could never address the problem in front..

Next, he looked up at his Authority.. 

It appeared that all the Authority wielded till then could never help complete his job there..

Finally, he looked at his Muscle Power.. 

No doubt, that was intact there but the man himself was not happy to deploy the Power in that context..

Totally lost to confusion and deep pain, the man repented endlessly over all 


And looked up at the Almighty with a Prayer in his heart remembering 


Sung by the Great Devotee which went thus in his heart..

'Just think of Lord Rama and Devi Sita,
Think of them with love or due to fear of death,
Think of them in prosperity and in adversity..
Let not a day be passed in pursuit of wealth only and think of them..
Render all those spiritual songs of theirs in perfect Sruti of Tambura, in correct Laya of Mrudangam and in musical Ragam and listen to those songs..
Sing Keertanas of theirs along with other devotees jumping in ecstasy..


Friday, May 24, 2019


The Nature around is too powerful and does not listen to me.. Is it my opponent?

That night as I went to sleep with so many thoughts of concrete action to answer few people of my life who robbed my peace for the past fortnight and made me feel utterly miserable..

I had a strange dream where in the Father of the Nation appeared in my dream and asked me to take Him and show Him how the places of His country are..

I instantly found the best opportunity to show the places of those few people of my city who were ready to trouble me if given a chance..

"Bapuji! The man who lives here, is my distant Relative.. The other day he rang up and straight away blamed me for not co operating with him saying..

  • 'Dear! I never thought you behave like this. I just asked you a small help, that too....'
The man who lives here, is my client. The other day he shouted at me for no fault of mine when I visited him in his office saying..
  • 'My dear! Look.. You don't know me. If I take this phone and make one call to your CEO, you know..!'
"The person who lives here is my Boss. Today he gave me back without listening a word from me for getting a reprimand from the Client saying..
  • 'Don't tell me the Client is wrong. He need not talk to CEO. I myself....'
Here lives my Sub-ordinate of a certain muscle power. A few days ago he showed his finger at me and said..
  • 'I expected you Sir, to rescue us. But I never thought you play a game and....!'
This is the house of that great man called my neighbor. Yesterday, he unnecessarily commented on my behavior saying,
  • 'We expected a minimum decency in our Community from your side. I suddenly noticed....'
And on this road alone a stranger pointed out me the other day for asking him to be a little decent saying,
  • 'Hi! I thought you to be a gentleman and you are questioning me here? if you talk one word....'
I was about to give back for pointing me out unnecessarily in all those places but my mind alone reminded me of Your advice and asked me to remain cool there all along consoling me,
  • 'These people will get back each one's due soon!'"
Bapuji looked at me, smiled and said..

"Dear! I never said not to give back whatever turmoil be in your mind. Instead the concrete action of giving back sure would have taught you more in your life. What I said all along my life was..

Let it be

The distant Relative,
The Customer,
The Boss,
The Sub-Ordinate,
The Neighbor or
The Stranger on road

Why not you lessen yourself reacting here in the usual way of supporting yourself in the situation and instead straight away firm up with a single thought in your heart..

'This moment, the so called Opponent in my life is no way the man to be kept away as

  • He/she is my person only continuously associating with me in this life max and
  • Is not angry with me but expressing his/her own difficulty or pain more verbally
For which I am alone indirectly responsible even if I am sure I had done my job well..

If seen at greater depth, all these interactions are indirectly my own need and so

Let me be patient here,
Let me sincerely listen to the grievance of the aggrieved party and
Let me equally and readily start doing the best in that line to help him/her!'

If you try following such discipline,

You are sure with me, as you are truly helping the Creation to redress their day to day problems in a concrete way!"

I suddenly woke up from my dream and as I looked at my watch it was showing 6 AM with the twilight of morning sun falling into my room through the window. Simultaneously from distance, the famous Gujarati Prayer was heard on the loud speakers of the Monastery melodiously sung in chorus..

'Vaisnava janato tenekahiye
jepida parayi janere
para duhkhe upakara kare to ye
mana abhimana naane re....'

The Post is written in line with this week's IndSpire PromptMahatma Gandhi comes in your dream and asks you to take him around? Which places would you take? What would be his reaction to the 2019 India & your explanation? Write your imaginary conversation with MG. #GandhiReturns

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019


The Expert forever does the single work of his/her expertise and none else..
  • The Amateur, instead talks proudly of every expertise available in the nook and corner of the world ultimately doing nothing concrete..
It's ever a joke to hear that the Expert is freely available..
  • The Amateur, instead is seen everywhere without a say promising moon all the time..
The Expert hardly talks at work as he/she ever concentrates..
  • The Amateur instead, has too many stories to tell disturbing others at work too often..
The Expert no doubt will have sound sleep in the night without a say..
  • The Amateur, instead struggles there endlessly as that requirement is mostly fulfilled during the day all the time..
The Expert rarely gets into details of his/her payments at work..
  • The Amateur instead, probes and investigates endlessly ever complaining that less is paid everywhere..
The Expert once in a way gets a call of appreciation from a happy customer..
  • The Amateur too sure gets one invariably an unpleasant one from the troubled customer..
The Resume of an Expert, without a say would forever be on the finger tips of the prospective employers..
  • No doubt, that of an Amateur too would be next to that but neatly filed and stored which soon would be collecting dust..
The family members of the Expert naturally become capable ever carrying respect for their Head as he/she equally imparts them the true meaning to all learning..
  • The members of the Amateur too invariably become that but only surely after writing off their Head..
Even God makes way for an Expert allowing him/her continue doing his/her work..
  • The Amateur instead comes in the way of everyone at work invariably becoming an obstacle everywhere..
Such an Expert at his/her work ever remains a Great Wonder in Nature..
  • The Amateur too becomes that in no time but exactly for the opposite reason!
(Here, the meaning of the Amateur as given in the Free Online Dictionary is taken as one lacking the skill of a Professional)!

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Monday, May 20, 2019


On a cool evening..

“Sir! You know that tall man of 30s who often used to come to me to learn on the subject


Of late, I don't find him straight in his talk. Whenever I open up a discussion, it soon leads to commenting adversely on few of his cousins. Poor Cousins; forever the targets..

It's strange.. Whatever topic you may pick up or simply say

‘The moon is cool’,
‘The sun is hot’,
‘The weather is pleasant or
'The night was chill’

That one single sentence in no time, leads to this behaviour of

Criticizing those cousins!

Why not one just keep off from making such comments and be happy by oneself? It’s a very simple and straight forward job. What's the use of learning the big


And continue the same?”

After a fortnight..

“Sir! Since a week, that man I was talking of is not coming to my place as earlier. When I enquired on phone, he told me that he was having a problem. It's better, I go and see him once else he may feel bad. Why don’t you also come with me? Let's make it this Sunday!”

On that Sunday, at the man’s place..

“Don’t worry dear, you'll soon be alright. Don’t sit and brood over the misfortune. Talking to others, makes you light. By the way.. How are your cousins? Any problem with them?

See Dear! The world is always like this..

It's strange.. Whatever topic you may pick up or simply say

‘The moon is cool’,
‘The sun is hot’,
‘The weather is pleasant or
'The night was chill’

That one single sentence in no time, leads to this behaviour of

Talking behind..

I don't know why people do this. It’s really bad.. Next time try to bring them to me, I’ll teach them something on..


So that they do not continue the same behaviour!”

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Sunday, May 19, 2019


"Sir! It is said all the time..

'Take care of yourself.. It is your primary duty in this life!'

And equally, it is said all the time,

'Give.. Give.. Give.. There is no greater work with you in this life!'

As I see, these 2 Sayings forever remain contradictory statements with

One action supporting the 'self' and the other action hitting the 'self'..

What's the meaning of giving such contradictory advices by the Great Personalities of life? I am often confused when I hear such statements. Can you kindly clarify on this?"

"Dear! Whatever we, the ordinary individuals hear from the Great Personalities, often appear contradictory because we forever, are propelled by our 'self' all our life and there is no escape from that unless one is destined to be otherwise..

The problem with my 'self' is that it keeps a life of great enjoyment in front of me but never talks of what would happen to me in case something goes wrong in that pursuit as the statement..

'Between a cup and lip, there are many slips!'

Is ever live around..

Further when that happens invariably, some patch work will be suggested to me by the same 'self' and as a drowning man ready to catch the last straw, that suggestion sure looks to me the right one and I would naturally take it and follow that..

Having caught me once again firmly in it's grip, my 'self' opens up a life of one more endless enjoyment in front of me and propels me in that direction till I meet another dead end..

That way my 'self' eternally keeps me under it's grip constantly showing me a great life in front but making me many times, limp in the process if not totally making me fall down..

Having fully understood such endless games played by our 'self', Great Men and Women of the earth out of compassion for humanity worked out a better way of living with our 'self' wherein

Neither a total surrender to it is recommended
Nor totally getting off from it too is advised


The Golden Mean Path of Living..

Here, the 'self' is given due importance to a certain level called the decent level of living as saying 'No' to it below that level is a great pain to any normal individual and in that context alone,

'Take care of yourself.. It is your primary duty in this life!'

Is often stressed..

Since sticking to that 'self' again 100% is not good as it equally leaves one in great despair at times, there should be a way of negating it too in between so that its total influence is kept off and in that process alone

'Give.. Give.. Give.. There is no greater work in this life!'

Is equally stressed..

Again, depending upon the clarity of an individual, the percentage of supporting the 'self' and not supporting the 'self' is freely left to the individual only stressing to include

A certain 'basic giving' as part of one's life!"

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Friday, May 17, 2019


I'm a bundle of desires within, those desires will never keep quiet, sooner or later try showing their power on me and sure there I've no go at this moment other than yielding to them in a controlled way..

But equally, I've an Inspiration too within me constantly supported by certain

Involved approach,
Dedicated effort and

From my end simultaneously dampened by

The survival forces and
The enchanting entities around me

Expressed thru' my so called desires..

That Inspiration working with everyone in the world is thus a fact..

None is less here,
Every one is charged forever internally

Well in excess and
Truly in abundance

By the Grace of


As man takes birth on the earth to find out


In that long journey,
Finding the lesser is never a problem for the man at the back of
The Original Inspiration
The eternal questioning with him/her thru' the 7 entities Viz.,


All along!

In this context, all Inspirational Books no doubt make a dent instantly in all people eternally searching for peace and tranquility but all those transformations are temporary only as the root cause is not addressed there except broad guidelines of discipline followed..

That discipline no doubt brings in certain solace to one as the problem appears to be addressed..

Thus seen all inspirational books become a temporary solace only as anything sensational suitable to my psychology of perception of pain and pleasure in life will be instantly accepted by me as the ultimate with that tempo surely vanishing in time..


In this context with an individual is


And in the words of the Great Philosopher to His disciples that reading goes thus..

"I can never teach you anything here except we together

  • Read our own 'Open Books' called the minds separately ourselves,
  • Understand the interwoven confusion solely by ourselves and
  • Plan our own strategies to lessen that
For our Ultimate Peace and Tranquility!"

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Do you think Inspirational books are really useful ?#Inspirationalbooks

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Thursday, May 16, 2019


  • “We miss each other dear! The college days were so interesting. Can never forget all those precious moments.. I promise.. We may be parting today but our friendship never fades and grows ever stronger in the days coming!”
Saying thus the young man bid bye to his bosom friend tears rolling down his cheeks and they soon parted..

Days passed.. The friend got into a company whose Management in a short time deputed him for higher studies. The young man too joined another company..

  • “Dear! Your company bosses appear to be highly encouraging. Best of luck!”
He wished his friend on the the eve of his deputation..

A few years passed. The friend had grown to the Manager's level in his company. The young man, not so young by then continued to be at lower level..
  • “Congrats on your promotion, dear! Your company seems to be quite good. Here, I find no such encouragement!”
Were his comments on the day of the friend's promotion. Some more years passed..

The friend had shot up to the Senior Position in his organization..
  • “Congrats on your achievement. Best of luck! I'm OK!”
Were the few words from the then man who could become just a Manager. Soon, a day was there when the talk around went thus..

“You know! Mr______ has been appointed as Deputy Chief of our company! He is the first outsider directly coming to the higher post. Seems to be very smart guy. So quickly had grown to this position!”

The man already knew that it was his friend only. He subsequently met him and said
  • "Congratulations!"
Along with others. By that time he was only a Deputy Chief in his dept..

“They both were Classmates!”

Some one was commenting..

In a year, the friend became the GM of the company and the man could become max the Head of his Dept. One fine day, some one heard him talking softly in the ears of one of his colleagues..

  • “Dear! You know.. Our new GM.. Difficult to deal with him, Yaar.. He points out on everything. We might have been class mates but that doesn't mean, we were close friends. These people, when they come to power quickly forget that long ago...........”
From distance, the famous Epic Story was heard being narrated loud on the loud speakers by a scholar to a congregation of devoted audience..

"Sage Narada once asked Lord Krishna,

'What is Illusion?'

The Lord smiled and said,

'I will tell you.. Can you get me some water from one of the houses in distance?'

The Sage immediately went there, an attraction there soon held Him and further involvement led Him permanently into a series of activities endlessly over years..

One day suddenly a certain disaster struck, He in no time became utterly helpless and miserable losing everything and was in total in tears..

Suddenly a kind hand touched Him. As He looked up, He saw Lord Krishna smilingly saying,

'Dear! Where is the water?'"


Wednesday, May 15, 2019


It was


The blame,
The abuse,
The rebuke

And what not hit the Heart hard and in the process the Personality was almost brought down to zero with a squeeze in the heart..

But strangely the man affected firmed up,

“I’ll not yield by reacting but only act as required!”

Thus passed a certain time with nothing but

Aimlessness and

Alone ruling all along..

Strangely the same time again did a wonder to him with the tension setting to withdraw slowly but never accepted the defeat and exited only to return at the next appropriate hr with double intensity!

The man too not accepted a victory there. With all humility, he repeatedly made it clear to his mind that he

Would not give back even if a volcano erupts 


Would celebrate if stood through


Would just do the Right never interfering with the others' decisions!

The dark clouds,
The roaring thunders,
The pouring rain and
The gusty winds

Soon became a thing of the past with

The sun returning back to clear skies and calmness prevailing around..

In the process, the trees which reacted and opposed in a hurry had a severe hit where as the grass that never reacted but acted remained intact..

And the man's calmness too returned in a certain time intact after all that storm within..

Having seen the drama of his mind so clearly, the man once for all firmed up to manage coming up situations with a smile alone with Peace that had set in the process itself paving way for

More humility and less aggressiveness in him.. 

And ultimately, thru' such Sacred Discipline alone


Was done in the Eyes of God!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Once, a King was approached by a Group of 8 Experts in 4 fields of



Rejuvenation and


Aspects and promised to uplift the Man a 100% there from his usual problems of life..

Expert 1 said,

  • "Your Highness! I can contribute a worth of 70% in the direction of Man's Consumption and make him the best!"
With the Expert 2 continuing,
  • "I can sure support the remaining 30% to make the Man 100% Perfect in that direction!"
Expert 3 said,
  • "Your Highness! I can contribute a worth of 70% in the direction of Man's Assimilation and make him the best!"
With the Expert 4 continuing,
  • "I can sure support the remaining 30% to make the Man 100% Perfect in that direction!"
The Expert 5 said,
  • "Your Highness! I can contribute a worth of 70% in the direction of Man's Rejuvenation and make him the best!"
With the Expert 6 continuing,
  • "I can sure support the remaining 30% to make the Man 100% perfect in that direction!"
Expert 7 said,
  • "Your Highness! I can contribute a worth of 70% in the direction of Man's Elevation and make him the best!"
With the Expert 8 continuing,
  • "I can sure support the remaining 30% to make the Man 100% perfect in that direction!"
The King got very much pleased by that talk and immediately ordered the Man to take the full benefit of all that Expertise. The Man took that in full but in the end instead of becoming Perfect was just sober..

The Experts said,
  • "Of course, there are certain after effects of our doing but they are only temporary. You will be alright soon!"
The Man returned with a mixed feeling in himself. For a while it was a certain confusion with him. But..

Yes! What the Experts said was totally true. He slowly and steadily became normal completely over a period of time and finally was back to the 100% state with..


Of course along with it, the earlier problems too coming back more or less to the same old level without a single exception!


Sunday, May 12, 2019


The Little One of the big joint family was too noisy around and the Mom was doubly of that in controlling the boy's activities. In the process, she was getting tired beyond..

But the social pressures around her were not less and at times were demanding beyond the lady's energies and were sitting on her nerves tight with the comments from her family members going around thus..

  • "It takes just a few hrs for you to finish this job. The child will be taken care by us as you get into this. Why are you not listening to what we tell?"
  • "It's equally your responsibility to take care of these matters. Don't say my child alone is important. We too are there to care of your child!" 
  • "I want to take care of the Little One for a while. Why don't you leave him and relax?"
  • "You can't say that you'll be with the child all the time. There are other works too waiting to be done!"
The lady no doubt used to bear all that to a certain extent but when her energies started running out, she used blurt out and a few times silently cry within herself. All that conflict was going on thus around but her child care all along was going on 100% without an inch of deviation..

The elderly well-wisher of the family, a man of certain wisdom having observed the behavior of the family members, at length could not control himself beyond and on a fine day said,

"Dear all! Of late, I'm seeing you all repeatedly pointing out the young mother for neglect of her duties in other areas singly sticking to her child. Please tell me, why are you all up with your anger on her in this pointing-out?"

"What's that we asked her, here? We are just saying that, every mother brings up her child, that's not all the life. She should care for the greater family members too along with her child care. That's all, we are telling. Otherwise, it's not good for her!"

Said a member annoyed by the extra support given to the lady by the elderly. The elderly man smiled and said,
  • "Dear! Please understand that whatever be the importance you have in respect of certain works to be done by the lady at this stage, is really not there for her and she has every discretion of deciding in this and openly say 'NO' to all. She is 100% correct here and you are none to decide on that course of action for her..
  • If she with all ease and peace of mind decides to do any secondary work other than her child care, it's her wish..
  • To tell you openly, other than caring for herself and her child at this point of time, there's no such great sacred work in front of her which she is failing to do and she can refuse to attend to a critical requirement elsewhere too if that is going to create a deficiency in her child care..
  • The decision of what to do, what not to do, when to do, where to do etc.. etc.. in this regard should purely be left to her wish and we should be by her side equally honoring her decision and helping her out where required..
  • Anything less of this is never good for our family now and it's better we all rise to this one time requirement presently in front of us and act accordingly!"
Keyword: MOTHER

Saturday, May 11, 2019


The Great Philosopher wished to tell about His Perceptions of Life to few people around 'As Is'..

He approached the knowledgeable, the ruler, the man in business and the workman in that context..

The knowledgeable said,
  • "I'm the storehouse of knowledge. Why not you listen to what I say?"
The ruler said,
  • "I hold power in all matters. Why not you praise me as great?"
The man in business said,
  • "I do the best business in my field. Why not you tell me something that makes my business better?"
The workman said,
  • "I'm tired beyond with my work and there's no energy to listen to anything. Why not you leave me for a while?"
The Great Philosopher said to Himself,

"None wants this knowledge. Let my Perceptions be digested within me alone!"

Here, what the Great Philosopher had with Him was the Ultimate Knowledge and He sure was the True Writer of that but unfortunately could find no Reader for that..

In a similar way, as one comes down in that Knowledge Level thru' infinite steps, various limited earthly knowledges surface and each individual around us is sure a owner of one or the other knowledge and corresponding Readers too would be found for him/her seeking those limited knowledges spread around..

Thus seen all human beings are Writers of one field or the other but to be a Reader or not is purely the choice of that individual..

The Writer is a better Writer if he/she goes beyond reading all Writings and straight start Reading life itself..

Means.. Straight experiences life aspects direct as much as possible..

In Philosophical terms, the Experiencer of True Knowledge is the One who sees as well as hears the Truth in Universe and that Personality alone retains the highest Serenity and Peace..

One who sees the Truth 'As Is' (Experiences directly) may remain the True Authority of that but that will be complete only if He/She hears of that too. If not, still the Personality may be an Elevated Soul but taints of violence do exist in that Understanding..

That Soul may have many followers as the first hand Experience of Truth is existing there but the followers of that understanding are never free from violence as part of that Revelation as hearing the same is basically missing with the Elevated Soul..

As such, a true writer of any knowledge of the world which is ever part of the Original Truth, one should necessarily read about it (hear about it from others) to make it complete apart from the own perception of that knowledge by him/her..

Seen thus, every human being is specialist of certain knowledge in the world and in that line he/she ever remains a Writer but may not be a Reader therein as to be Reader or not totally left to the individual as per his/her wish and there

His/her Writings remain incomplete however deep the original perception of that knowledge be unless he/she necessarily reads in that line!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt what do you think about this statement - India could soon have more writers than readers: Ruskin Bond#MoreWritesThanReaders


Friday, May 10, 2019


No doubt the Day became instantly famous in the eyes of world at the back of 
The Great Musical Program of Devotional Songs becoming the talk of the town as 
Some praised that the Lyrics were just marvelous.. 
Some applauded that the Tunes were simply soothing.. 
Some said that the Tones were extra noteworthy.. 
Some reacted saying that the Musicians were specially unique.. 
Some commented upon that the Instruments were truly classical.. 
Some were happy saying that the Place was the perfect fit and 
Some complimented saying that the Stage was too impressive, 
The rest remaining busy digging endlessly deep into the History of the Songs..

But straight away the Day remained doubly Famous in the eyes of the Lord as
A single devotee all along became out of tune there by not able to join with the world of happening around as he just lost himself during the Program recollecting nothing
To a World of Ecstasy of 
The Love of a Devotee towards the Beloved Lord!


Tuesday, May 7, 2019


A man was constantly interested in breaking sensational news of happenings around in a certain style when he was amidst group of people and used to feel proud that he could contribute a major information as certain discussions continued in that line..

  • "You should always talk of the subject whose fundamentals are well known to you. Catching something here, something there and presenting on that is forever not good for you!"
A few well-wishers advised him..

"What's wrong in that? I'm just talking of what is happening around. No doubt that's what I heard but that is truth only. When you speak on truth thus, how can any one say that I talk on issues that are not relevant?"

He used to often question back..

  • "Knowledge is power. When you analyze well of what you talk and then present in front of others, that carries weight. Without that analysis from your end, you just talk on sensational issues of that knowledge, you truly are making a mockery of the whole!"
People used to say..

"Bringing out sensational issues of a subject in right time too is a skill. In fact, if my skill amuses more of the audience who are eager to listen to that, why should I refrain from doing that?"

He used to ask back. People who could not talk on that further used keep silence!

It so happened that once he was with 4 Specialists in certain field and as the discussions continued, the man cracked a joke quoting a funny thing happened in the Specialized area..

Listening to his talk, one of the Specialists said,

  • "Actually, it happens a few times thus but that doesn't mean that vital aspects of our Specialization have anything to do in respect of......... Don't you agree?"
The man instantly nodded his head saying,


Not knowing what to say more in that context..

The 2nd Specialist said,

  • "It's not only that.. The problem in this area of Specialization is that some times, the actual track is lost when few make a certain humor out of..... But we shouldn't allow that.. Should we?"
The man instantly moved his head across saying,


Not knowing what to say more in that context..

The 3rd Specialist took over..

  • "What you both said needs an extra support here. What actually happens is.... Many times it looks people talk light on the topic and.... Is it alright or not?"
The man instantly moved his head up and down saying,


Not knowing what to say more in that context..

  • "Oh, Great! Here the
'Yes.. No.. Alright'
  • Man too is with us in this scenario.. Good.. What else we want to assert on our knowledge?"
The 4th Specialist smiled looking at the man..

By then alone the man understood that half knowledge is for ever an enemy!


Sunday, May 5, 2019


No doubt at Workplace, it's almost the same story everywhere of getting bullied by Boss but it's up to me to wage an indirect war against all those impositions made under the guise of

Lacking obedience to Boss,
Work suffering beyond and
Future prospects put to stake..

The interactive conversation narrated here is typical of that


Culture with almost every Boss.. Forever, the aim here is

If yielded,

Make him/her permanent slave giving bits and pieces of career growth here and there claiming that as too much given 

But if resisted stressing the right work ethics,

Withdraw and allow him/her do own job for his/her betterment and growth in the job..

(The conversations brought out here are typical of that culture existing at workplace assuming that they vary widely in that typical talk).

On a Pleasant day..

“Hi, Mahesh! I need a helping hand. Can you look into this work for a while and give me a feed back?”

“Sir! I already have the task of…. and I need to concentrate on that. No doubt, I can be supportive for a short time for your problem but this moment, I absolutely see no time for that. Am sorry to say that!”

“But I'm your Boss and you should take Orders from me and do the job given. Are you listening?”

“Yes.. I agree that I should take Orders from you as Boss but the ethics at work say.. 

"Reasonable Orders only!” 

I hope I could convey the meaning here..

Earlier, you've given me this work on hand and am into it. I should complete this task successfully and that's possible only if I'm not distracted in this line.. 

In fact, I'm sitting on overtime to complete this work foregoing some of my personal needs and re allocating part of home responsibilities to other members of my family. I'm sorry, there is no way now. I am back to my work, Sir!”

The next day..

“Hi! Suresh! I need a helping hand in this work. Can you look into this for a while and give be a feed back?”

“Sir! Tell me what to do. I'll do that in parallel with the other main task you have given me earlier!”

“Good! You are a nice fellow!”

After one more day..

“Mr Suresh! One more help is required!”

“Sir! My main job is pending. Already half day had gone and….”

“No worry, Dear! Just do this and tell me….”

A few days later..

“Yaar, Suresh! I've this work for you.. Just help me out!”

“Sir! My main job…. OK! Let me see….”

After some time..

“Hi! Suresh! A moment of your time..”

“Sir! I'm sorry.. I'm on my job and….”

"Dear! How can you talk like that?"

“Sir! I've to do my job. Else you'll only question me on that!”

“Yes! I do…. I'm your Boss.. I question you here and I question you there. You've to take my orders and do both the jobs. Understand?"


Two months later..

“Mr Suresh! How many times I told you to wait for me and be ready to support me in the Morning Hrs? Where were you today morning? Further, your main work too has progressed very little so far!”

“Sir! You only asked me to spend some of my time on….!”

“Hello, dear! What are you talking? Giving back to Boss? This moment, I can issue a Memo for in-subordination. Also to say.. You are not co-operative at work.. 

If you could not complete the main task in time, it's your problem. Don’t say that time was not there. The whole 24 hrs were with you all these days. You could have completed all more efficiently through proper planning.. 

Sorry to say dear! This year’s Promotion….”

Subsequently, heard his voice else where..

“Hi, Mahesh! Good News! You saved for our Company….. Lakhs worth of....... through your dedicated work…. I'm happy and I already recommended you for Promotion this year. I don't know, what's happening to our Suresh.. I find him not up to the mark.. I'm sure he has to struggle a lot before he...... Let me see how he fares next year!”

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Saturday, May 4, 2019


A father had 4 sons..

“Dad, the shop man gave me a 50 Rupee Note extra by mistake. What should I do?"

Asked the 3rd son one day..

  • “You didn't take it from him and he only gave it you. Also, he'll not remember that. Have the extra with you and that is the right way!”
Asserted the dad. All agreed to that except the last son..
  • “Dad, we can simply return that 50 Rupee note to the shop man. Why to retain this extra knowingly well that it doesn't belong to us?”
Asked the last son. The dad was silent..

The wishbone of honesty was seen working strong in the last son..

“Dad, this 100 Rupee note was found on the road. What should I do?”

Asked the 2nd son on another day..
  • “You found it, you don't know the owner to give it back and the owner doesn't know you to ask for it.. Have the extra with you and that is the right way!”
Asserted the dad.. Again all agreed to that except the last son..
  • “Dad, if we don't know the owner, we can equally donate the same for a Cause. Why to retain this extra with us knowingly well that it doesn't belong to us?”
Asked the last son.. The dad was silent..

The backbone of determination to live thru' hard work was strongly established in the last son by then..

Soon the children grew up, the eldest got into a job and others were doing their graduation..

One day, the eldest was preparing his Travel Claim at home to submit the same in his Office the next day for the Official Travel he made a week back..

"The authorities do not question on how I actually spent on each rupee.. Need I to give all details of my expenses or approximate there?"

Asked the eldest son..
  • “You can just manage all these small bills. A few rupees of extra claim here and there, no one will check. Have the extra with you and that is the right way!”
Asserted the dad.. All agreed to that except the last son
  • “Dad, we have to claim the reimbursement honestly.. Why to retain this extra with us knowingly well that it doesn't belong to us?”
Asked the last son.. The dad was silent..

The funny bone of taking up the ups and down of life made a beginning in him as the determination of facing odds not leaving the responsibilities established in the last son to the root..

Time move on.. Days passed into weeks, months and years. All sons were well settled with their own work and family responsibilities. The father had become old..

The 3 elder sons continuously expected ‘Extras’ from their father apart their own earnings, it never stopped and the father was helpless. But the last one was an exception there..

When asked by father for his unique behavior, the last son smiled and said..
  • "Dad, you only asked my brothers to make ‘Extras’ when they were young and now they are actively into their habit of making extras everywhere including from you..
  • I was never interested in those ‘Extras’ at anytime as I understood that they never belonged to me, instead I was ready to do extra in the situation and here, my habit too, continues!"
At the back of his wishbone, backbone and funnybone helping out to the best in the sacred task taken up!

The Post is edited and modifies in line with this week's IndiSpire PromptTo succeed in life you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone - Reba Mc Entire - Can you relate to this quote? #ThreeBones

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