Wednesday, May 22, 2019


The Expert forever does the single work of his/her expertise and none else..
  • The Amateur, instead talks proudly of every expertise available in the nook and corner of the world ultimately doing nothing concrete..
It's ever a joke to hear that the Expert is freely available..
  • The Amateur, instead is seen everywhere without a say promising moon all the time..
The Expert hardly talks at work as he/she ever concentrates..
  • The Amateur instead, has too many stories to tell disturbing others at work too often..
The Expert no doubt will have sound sleep in the night without a say..
  • The Amateur, instead struggles there endlessly as that requirement is mostly fulfilled during the day all the time..
The Expert rarely gets into details of his/her payments at work..
  • The Amateur instead, probes and investigates endlessly ever complaining that less is paid everywhere..
The Expert once in a way gets a call of appreciation from a happy customer..
  • The Amateur too sure gets one invariably an unpleasant one from the troubled customer..
The Resume of an Expert, without a say would forever be on the finger tips of the prospective employers..
  • No doubt, that of an Amateur too would be next to that but neatly filed and stored which soon would be collecting dust..
The family members of the Expert naturally become capable ever carrying respect for their Head as he/she equally imparts them the true meaning to all learning..
  • The members of the Amateur too invariably become that but only surely after writing off their Head..
Even God makes way for an Expert allowing him/her continue doing his/her work..
  • The Amateur instead comes in the way of everyone at work invariably becoming an obstacle everywhere..
Such an Expert at his/her work ever remains a Great Wonder in Nature..
  • The Amateur too becomes that in no time but exactly for the opposite reason!
(Here, the meaning of the Amateur as given in the Free Online Dictionary is taken as one lacking the skill of a Professional)!

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  1. LOL! I half expected your blog to be architectural based. Good post!

    1. Thanks Navin.. Love your Comment! Thanks once again for visiting my Web Page!

  2. Expert way of explaining the difference between Expert and an Amateur.

    1. Oh! that's great of you, Arun! Anyhow a humble Presentation of the Truth from my side.. Thanks for the good Comment!