Saturday, June 22, 2019


“When you’re happy and you know it, and you really want to show it - clap your hands!” 

I might have taught the Little One that rhyme myself reciting it aloud along with a firm clapping and

The Little Boy seeing me doing that might have repeated the same out of a natural happiness within..

But when I looked at myself, it appeared crystal clear that I was not truly blessed with such happiness the Little One possessed as my endless worries constantly were seen eating me out.. 

Right at that moment, my consciousness smiled and said,

"What can I say here, dear? The craze for wealth and following a wrong discipline made you really blind to see what is good for you in your life!"

I shot back,

"How can you say that? I'm just in the same path equal number of people followed for centuries and I strongly believe that the money with me can sure give me whatever I need!"
  • "That's what exactly the greedy Midas too thought about his gold and 
You know what he lost finally. Money is not everything, dear!"

"Come on.. Without these extras, this life is really meaningless. Shouldn't think too much here!"

  • "That's where the greedy rich man too got as his answer when he thought of taking gold and cash with him at the time of leaving the earth..
'No way, dear! The metal melts and the papers burn!'"

"See, how things around me move and glow? What's the use of all those so called great talks in life except starving myself everywhere with limited finances?"

  • "Yes, dear.. That's exactly, where the miser got his answer when his huge stored monies in the backyard were stolen on a day..
'No problem, friend! Just keep a stone there and that sure helps you in the same way!'"


"Remember dear,

  • You may happily be quoting today that money is everything but the moment you start searching for love in it's list, you sure find it a mirage..
  • Money may speak a lot but the 'man in picture' speaks much better. When that man is simply forgotten and a fortress of safety is built around you with your money, it sure turns into a prison of agony alone in the end..
  • Know yourself, dear.. God created man, man created money and money invariably created evil and the association of money and that evil is well known from the times immemorial..
  • No doubt, money frees but in limited way only as beyond money sure chains. And here, it's just your wish that turns the plate and none else are behind that..
  • A craving for and a wrong use of this one entity called money surely leaves one with a single choice between the 'Devil and Deep Sea' alone!

Beyond the decent finances earned and saved, the discharge of family responsibilities to core alone brings true joys of life in you.. 

All along sticking to such a discipline finally,

A sincere Prayer offered God at your heart, takes out the left out emptiness in you whenever you happen to look at 

The 'Eternal Fear of the Unknown' 


  1. Nice post. Your grandson is very cute.😊

    1. Thanks Vartika for the appreciation.. Wishes!