Wednesday, June 12, 2019


Dear IndiBlogger Team,

As my observation goes, for quite sometime things were seen not alright with Indiblogger and I had my own questions unanswered for that happening. 2 days back, as I read your blog and came to understand what's going on, it was a pain in heart to know that my fears were confirmed. At the same, it's great that you kept up your ideals here, in spite of the tight situation in respect of day to day management Viz.,

Truly caring for the free expression of  bloggers!

No doubt, the Saying, 

"The pen is mightier than the sword!"

Ever rules, as setting right issues thru' use of sword meaning muscle power, however easy may look is always temporary compared to the real transformation that good blogging brings about..

This is the exact reason that made me start blogging, become a member of Facebook, Indiblogger and later Blogadda and thus remain communicating freely with my dear Readers..

Having started this activity around 2010, till date I could bring about 1200 + Posts narrating my life experiences and perceptions thus freely expressing myself. That experience had become truly a unique one in my life as some concrete things are done here for which I feel it's worth living this life and in that way I am truly indebted to Indiblogger..

Over the past 9 yrs of blogging, around 700 co-bloggers have joined as my network friends and our interactions thru' comments on the Posts and IndiMail was an invaluable addition in my life especially after my retirement and I continue remain thankful to my blogger friends for the great interest they have shown here and continue patronizing my blog..

No doubt, life has its own ups and downs and the present scenario for the time being remains painful at my heart to say good bye to my beloved active IndiTeam with whom all these years I had many interactions clarifying my doubts and taking personal help where required..

I participated of course not in many but few Indivine Contests which truly boosted my writing skills and made me stand in my place in blogging field of which I feel truly proud..

My greatest satisfaction of being a member of IndiBlogger was when I won the 2017 Blogger Award on Religion and Spirituality which had truly given boost to my blog 'Reflecting on Life' and equally given its ultimate place in blogging arena..

Thank you IndiBlogger Team, for all that you have done towards my successful blogging and I wish you soon come back with double energies to help out the young blogging minds do the blogging at their best..

My humble request here is.. I don't know how much that is feasible.. Not to say 'No' and provide a method to any new blogger wishing to join IndiBlogger, join and contribute his/her might towards sacred blogging!

I remain,


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  1. Indiblogger <3
    Aren't we glad to have been a part of it! :)

    1. Yes, Dee Nambiar.. That's the great feeling every blogger with IndiBlogger carry today in his/her heart.. That way, IndiBlogger has done the great task of bringing all the Bloggers on one platform and allowed them freely interact and exchange their views..

      Thanks for the good comment here!

  2. Good to go through your post and your attachment with Indiblogger.
    Yes, i am also thankful to the Indiblogger team for their support and the platform.

    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy for the compliment.. We are all together in the virtual world of blogging because of none other than the IndiBlogger Team.. Wishes!