Wednesday, July 10, 2019


The day was cool and pleasant in the morning hours. I decided to finish few important works in the city and accordingly, took my vehicle and started driving towards city. Soon I was in heavy office going traffic..

At a signal, I am supposed to take a right turn. But I saw in front of me a board,

'No Right Turn' and as I got a doubt to turn right, I saw below 'For City Buses' in slightly small letters.. I got relieved, turned right and became thoughtful..

May be.. There's no fixed route for city buses!

As I moved on, at a small junction I saw 2 riders of 2 wheelers following the rules..

For left turn showing left hand out and for going ahead showing the hand forward..

May be.. The best way of making your intentions known when on road!

At a particular point, I noticed a driver sincerely showing hand out for right turn but the adjacent vehicle driver shouted at him saying,

'Don’t extend full hand out. We can see if you just wave a little.. There is no space around!’

May be.. A better way of driving thru' narrow roads!

Suddenly, a speeding vehicle overtook me. I was feeling worried about the over speeding but Oh!

In front of me a little distance away, the vehicle stopped altogether..

May be.. A ditch on road saves in time!

As I drove ahead,

I saw the ditch and my thoughts continued..

May be.. A ditch is many times welcome as an indirect concave speed breaker naturally formed!

I parked my vehicle and as I was about to cross the road, to my surprise I saw

A signal of green and red pedestrian figures simultaneously glowing for my crossing..

May be.. Sticking to the saying.. 'See and go.. Much safer!'

As I moved on to my destination, I saw a man on 2 wheeler with a family of 2 as pillion being charged fine for traveling 3. He paid off the fine but

Confidently continued as 3 on the vehicle..

May be.. One can continue once paid off fine for the day!

I entered a small road and saw a long ditch fully cut across the road. As I stopped there and was wondering how vehicles would move on that road, I heard the honking behind me as

A small car driver requested me give way to go ahead partly on foot path to cross the ditch..

May be.. The foot path is for duel purpose!

Soon, I finished my jobs and as I started driving back home, at a signal I got 'Green' to move straight ahead and as I and others started moving,

A speeding car from opposite took the right turn and moved on putting me and others in confusion for a while..

The driver in the car crossed confidently waving at us conveying 'Thanks!'

May be.. Like what is often done in some advanced countries when some on road voluntarily yields!

As I approached home, near my house I noticed that an inexperienced driver made certain mistake and that provided ample time for

Others struggling to cross the road and make right and U turns to complete their tasks

May be.. Thanking in their hearts to the erred driver!
There was chaos and confusion in front of me for a while before I could safely conclude my journey!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Look at life around you and write a post that makes everyone laugh. #laughter

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