Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Meaningful life....It is Worth to Venture!

It is often seen that I live in relation to people around in a complicated manner sometimes not taking care of the right responsibilities involved. It is a strange phenomenon in the world and all the misunderstandings in life at the root level are because of this attitude!

Let us look into a little detail here….

As the life goes on, I will be interacting with many people around endlessly daily, in the family, at work spot, in the neighborhood and in general in all places where interactions required or encountered. There may not be many compulsions from anyone anywhere in these interactions except where legal issues are involved.  Many of these are based on my own likings which also include direct/ indirect pressures brought on me by someone to whom I might have sold out myself!

Only here, I am likely to deviate from the RIGHT and continuously tread on the WRONG….Continued this way, after some time it appears my doings are correct, I develop my own justification accordingly and strangely I will have people around who will say, ‘It is OK in the situation….’ Rarely one says, ‘This is wrong!’

And here only, all my future ‘PAIN’ in life is stored for ever….

If I want to live my life without this pain, I should be extremely careful in actions and firmly say in the very beginning a big ‘NO’ to easy going attitude and make it clear to all around that I am bound to live and behave in life thus…that’s all!

Lo! Criticisms fall offs and questionings will start pouring in this situation….not so easy path in the beginning…..

But since all these have no bearing to reality, soon in time fade out, reduce in intensity or start waning off! Even if they increase, my actions will definitely work a ‘WAY OUT’ automatically and soon all likeminded people start strengthening it.  No doubt on this! But continuous protests and murmurings are likely to exist from the closest who feel affected. They are not at fault…They do not know….that is all….

This way, I am bound to make right impressions which protect ultimately everyone around! And here real safety and peace lies!  Rest is as per God’s Will and I have to take that way what is given by the Almighty!

This Royal path is in front of all us….

Are we interested in making use of this where feasible and thus be in peace? Let us make a beginning; it is worth to venture!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Meaningful life....A Short Story....

Two close friends met after a long interval and they had a great time together.  In the process, the one visited noted that his companion was not really well off.  He felt bad for the same and firmly decided to help him out.  At a convenient time during his stay, he gently made a suggestion.... 

His friend smiled but immediately enquired what the offer was!  The first one got stunned at this behavior as he never expected his best friend asking that way.... 

But then he felt it as challenge and said that whatever his friend wanted he would give.  The companion said, “Can you give me lifelong what I am going to ask?”

With this the first one really got upset and severely admonished his friend saying that he never expected such a mean behavior from him whom he treated all these years as close to his heart!

To this, the friend smiled, embraced him with all affection and said, “I am sorry for hurting you this way. I meant nothing bad. Really to say, I don’t want anything from you. I should only earn myself what  all I need but never take free from anyone even the closest.”

To a query from his friend to explain why so, he continued,” See! Whatever you give me today as lump sum will be over in a certain time. Then, later onwards, where is the money with me to live with my habit that would have developed in me because of this free money? Even if you give me a fixed amount for my entire life, the life style I start living will not be acknowledged by my circle of people as the same is not with them. The group which lives with this life style will see me as a stranger only as they know that I, by myself, am not entitled for this. As such they also will not accept me. This way, whatever life style you give me will not make me any better as I lose all my people. That is why I am declining your offer in total. Whatever my ancestral transfer, my own effort and my progeny together give me are the only right possessions I can claim as mine!”

The friend was astonished at his wisdom and clarity!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meaningful life....The Way in front of us....

The truth known to me is always the relative truth.

The absolute truth is at Infinity and with a finite body I am always away from the Infinite!

I have to lead my life only at a level of truth known to me as that alone is safe for me.  Below this level, conflict is eternal and above this pain associated is not less.

Thus both these patterns of life become a sort of copying something; not the original!

Then a question may arise; what for it is
 said all the time, “Do always good." when my level is limited?  How can I do good everywhere in such scenario?

It is a real question one may ask!

But, there is an answer….

Having assessed myself the relative level of my Understanding, the first and foremost activity I should contemplate upon is my total plan in this life towards a reasonable safe sailing through along with vagaries of Nature  existing 
around to some extent.

This is the first discipline that should be with me!  In fact, our elders, all societies and cultures around have shown us the path already….

Having firmly embraced this life, within this arena I should continuously work for people around for their good, simultaneously taking care of me well and thus evolve.

This way I may be freed from many wrong beliefs, ideas and dogmas and arrive at a common code of the highest ethics which always stresses only one point….”All are equal!”

Yes, if I understand this truly, what else is needed to be achieved in this life?

This is all I should do in this life; rest is God’s grace!

Why not follow this discipline?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

@@ Nature, Life and Beyond....Everything can Teach....

It was raining cats and dogs that day in Cumberland, RI! 

I was near the window of my flat at second level seeing the downpour. 

A huge car came down and the driver parked the car 
Opposite to my window away on the other side of road. 

"Get down and walk home......" 

The driver spoke in a little high pitch and 
His voice merged with tittering sound of incessant rain drops! 

The front door opened.... 

Lo! To my surprise, Bernese mountain dog got down slowly without a jump from the vehicle and stood there a minute. 

He took a 90 deg turn and started walking slowly and majestically towards my block. 
Got on to foot path, made a perfect 90 deg right turn and 
Made the next  90 deg left turn at the entrance of his flat and walked in 
With no jerk and slowly disappeared from my sight all together 
The rain drops ever striking! 

What a marvelous scene I had seen! 

My heart filled with unexplained joy to see such a discipline in the mammal, of course 
The joy was partly I was not in front of him!! 

As I was engrossed with the thoughts of 
Beauty of discipline in Nature and every creature around me exhibiting the same so faithfully, 

I simultaneously understood that 
There should be no shortage in me to be indisciplined any moment in life and thus slowdown but be on toes all the time everywhere to help the Creation around me to express its best wherein only my safety lies forever eternally…. 

The great learning....

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Individual, Family and Society....Truly Elder....

The ten signs of a true elderly person are

When all additional presentations of one’s personality in outside world to appear younger than his/her age are totally left out....

When one is fully aware that every where there can be a problem, but is always ready with a reasonable solution....

When one limits his activities in the world to the true level his/her body and mind do permit....

When one limits his/her activities in respect of family interactions with a feeling that enough interactions for life were already done....

When bringing up a grandchild is seen as the true responsibility of his/her child and never his/her own whatever the situation may be....

When one understands that part of one’s wealth can be used for justified cause in the world as per his/her wish and rest only for oneself and his/her progeny....

When one is fully aware that till last minute it is better one does his/her work feasible by himself/herself only....

When one realizes that it is better consumption in the world is minimized everywhere in respect of himself/herself....

When one understands that living the present life is good enough and all is well done so far and no regrets....

When one ultimately lessens his partiality whatever and sees that everyone around has his/her right to live in a decent way….