Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Meaningful life....Golden Way to Happiness....

Three Entities are always limited in life….Time, Money and Energy….

They are very precious for living a decent life, they create problem if allowed to be misused and an individual always elevates himself/herself through giving away these three entities  in an approved way!

Very important to understand in life….Let us look into detail….

Number one point is....They are precious because survival is out of use of these only. The world will not respect one if any shortage is there in these three….So one should maximize them and save them for a rainy day….No other go….The tools of discipline in this direction are….working, saving and spending carefully in a rationed way….

The second point is misuse of these….The three entities have to be well conserved/ protected indirectly. If available freely, they create devastation! Individuals turn out lazy, bad habits easily crop in, illegal activities will flourish and confusion prevails. The total Order in Nature will be lost…Thus, people have to be really disciplined in life in use of these; else no go….Further, educating others on the use of these three entities will not work easily….The only way is making these not available freely! Then one's own inward forces show the way….The ideal path to remember forever!

The third is caring for the Higher Order….Viz; Believing in the precept....‘Here, nothing is mine; I am not permanent!’  i.e.,Giving these limited entities in a way that benefits the entire world or to an individual as per his/her eligibility in true sense as per one’s own Dharma! 

Being alert thus is Golden Way to Happiness….

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