Sunday, December 11, 2011

Meaningful life....Right Faith....

A Great Saint had many disciples with him.   He used to give a number of discourses on Godhood and Ethics of life and many were His ardent followers.   No one could equal the Master!   He used to emphasize truthful living and everything for the good of people at large.  His own living style was a true depiction of His sayings, He was understood to be born to elevate the mundane beings in the right direction and was all the time understood to be the Upholder of Dharma and Authority on Scriptures….

No doubt the Saint was truly a Great Personality of the Era and His presence on the earth had a purpose!

One of His disciples  used to attend regularly His Discourses and Prayers, work in the Ashram in his allotted time and thus do equally a social service.  In his personal life, he almost adapted the concept of simple living and high thinking!

But all the time the disciple had one doubt in him which he could never get rid of!   He tried his best but the doubt had never vanished from his mind.   In fact it used to be a little vicious all the time and wild thinking was the outcome of that! The disciple  was 
thus subjected to lots of push and pull and in time he got very much disturbed with his so called evil thoughts while rest of his friends were blissfully involved themselves in the activities without a single doubt!

One of the days, there was a discourse by the Saint on the subject, “How deep faith can do wonders!”   A poor lady who had no money but great faith in her Master was finding difficult to cross a river daily in a boat with her meager resources to visit Him on the other bank.   One day she listened to the Great man saying how Lord Krishna’s father crossed the river with his faith established in God.   Inspired by that, she decided to cross the river herself with faith in God, the next day she did it!   “That way Deep Faith in us works!” the Master concluded his speech!

The disciple could no longer hold himself!  That day only, he waited, requested for an  interview with the Master and met him with all emotion. The moment he met him, he paid his salutations and said, “Reverend Sir, please forgive me for harboring the evil thoughts in me and give me a punishment for the same.  I doubt everything you preach, what you do and your own living style.   Can there be a greater sin?  I am totally lost!” he wept!

The Saint looked straight into his eyes and said, “My dear, who said you are a sinner and do wrong things?   In fact, I consider you as my true disciple!  Your mind does not allow belief without solid proof, a great quality I am seeing in my disciple!  Please go ahead with your enquiry and questioning thus for ever…Never get into a belief and become static!  We both have to continue this enquiry.  Out of this enquiry only, one elevates himself/herself.  Never end up in the so called blind faith!  Question .... Question …. Question…..everything.... Let the enquiry spirit burn!  That way, you are in true faith!”

The disciple had no further 
doubt !

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