Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The 'Unique Gift' from God!

..... He was really not an Expert in the field but the problem with him was that he thought and further believed beyond that he was so.... And to confirm the same, he had put up around him all the machinery required to express thus like wearing an attire to suit the image of the Expert, behaving like an Expert, talking in line with the Expertise etc... Further, he made it a point to move around in Circles where the Expertise was expressed the best…. And at the back of all those elements, he became authoritative too indirectly…. His Expertise was well advertised, many were requested to experience it and comment without fail.... 

Some kept quiet to avoid confrontation, some praised to avoid ill feelings and only a few were mustering the courage to say openly that he was not up to the mark....

There was a wise known elderly among those few and that gentleman finally decided to correct the man in a novel way.... On a fine day, he met the so called Expert and after a brief enquiry straight away said, "Dear, since many days, I wanted to tell you this interesting story.... Hope you don't mind listening to me at this point of time...."

The man got astonished with the talk but instantly nodded his head for the elderly man to go ahead....

The wise man continued, "Long ago when English language was not that much popular, a young man visited his brother and his family residing in a distant city where the local language spoken was different and he was knowing only a little of it….

On one of the days of his stay there, he happened to be in conversation with his 8 year old niece along with the neighbor’s child of the same age.... He tried asking the neighbor's child in local language whether she had finished her lunch.... But his knowledge of local language was so bad that he could not go beyond.... The other child did not understand what he had asked and was in a fix to answer.... Meanwhile, the niece found out that from him in their own mother tongue, instantly communicated with her friend in local language with all ease and got the reply in no time....

Here, that job of communicating in local language was the toughest for the young man but was nothing for the child as that was so natural for her.... That's how an Expertise is expressed by me and it forever comes out with such an ease in a natural way with almost nil effort from me at the back of a 'Unique Intelligence' of my own given to me by the Almighty.... Not respecting that Originality, if I start expressing with a built up support around, it indirectly means that I am only struggling to show up as an Expert thus deceiving myself and others in the process…. Instead, it is ever the wisdom to simply say in such situations, ‘Sorry! This is all Greek and Latin to me.... That Right Expert alone can speak on this.... My field is different!'"

To concur with the wise man's words, Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter VII 10th Slokah was simultaneously heard from the distant loud speakers recited in a melodious tone with meaning explained in parallel....

'Beejam maamsarvabhootaanaam viddhi paartha sanaatanam; 

Buddhir buddhimataamasmi tejastejaswinaamaham.'

'Know Me, O Arjuna, as the eternal seed of all beings (on the earth); I am the intelligence of the intelligent and splendor of the splendid objects (here)!'


  1. Lovely illustration. A delightful read :)

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  3. Super. Your stories has huge positive impact on readers like me. Keep sharing these stories. These are very motivating. Have a great new year 2015.

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  4. Very interesting and lesson learnt like always.

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