Friday, December 2, 2011

A Way Life Moves....

The Great Statesman freed the slaves and told them, “You are free now!   Please go and live happily here afterwards!”

A few sincerely told him back, “Sir, Where do we go? We are accustomed to taking instructions from our masters along with their scolding, thus do our work and spend our day.  Now we don’t know what to do and everything is strange; not our way!”

That is the effect of getting brain washed over such a long time!   Even slavery looks all right!

The saying goes…. We start eating neem fruit continuously; it tastes sweet after some time….

If we look the other way at life,

The entire world like above experiences chained in all interactions but somehow happy that way….That is the illusion….

In this scenario, a Great Master of true understanding having the best interest of conveying to the world what He experiences always faces people, some of whom will show interest and some will oppose….It depends on the prevailing social and economic conditions, the traumas people were subjected to in recent times and the existence of similar Great Personalities around in sizable number simultaneously as Nature has its own plan of enlightening sizable number at a time once in a way….

Thus all preachings around us have limited influence on us!

Something heard in this context….

A king turned Saint had great interest to convey what he had experienced as truth to many people….

He originally approached the Emperor. The Emperor laughed and said, “I am the supreme here. Who are you to tell me?”
Later, he went to a man of ultimate learning. The learned man retorted, “Should I tell you or you should tell me?”
Then he went to a businessman.   He shot back, “What benefit do I get if I listen to you?”
Finally he went to an ordinary man. He lamented, “I am totally tired with my day’s work. I do not have energy and interest to listen to what you say….”

Thus, the Saint could not approach any one!   He felt, “There is no taker of this at all.   Let this truth ultimately be digested within me only!”

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